Speakout 3/26

Monday, March 26, 2007

I need some help. I know someone who is being harassed on her cell phone by this girl. What I want to know is if there is anybody out there who can tell me how to get this stopped and possibly having this person arrested for what she's doing. I know there's a law against it. Everytime she gets her cell phone number changed, this girl happens to get a hold of it. I wonder how this girl would feel if I called and told her teacher at the LPN class what she's doing. I wonder how they would feel about someone being so immature in doing something like this.

Class is something you have to be born with, you cannot acquire it. You can add all the titles after your name that you can get, pretend to the world. But at some point, your lack of class and true character will show. You know that your good name is all that you have. When you have ruined that you have nothing left. Remember when the men in our area were referred to as southern gentlemen? We still have a few of them. But now, we seem to have more ignorant jerks. When did Charleston get to be in the Bootheel? According to the map, we are about 50 miles north of there. I can understand the St. Louis paper referring to us as being in the Bootheel because they think everything south of St. Genevieve is. But when the hometown paper calls us that, someone needs a geography lesson.

This is to the person who called the article in, Greener acres. You can get your acreage or your entire yard cleaned by calling Area Cleaning at 471-4395 or 838 8272. Either number.

I'm calling in response to the lady that was dissatisfied with the operation of the Scott County Jail. A relative of mine had also spent time in the Scott County Jail. He tells me that the jail was clean and orderly. There is good medical care with a nurse on site everyday and a doctor on call at all times. I am a Christian lady and I am also glad that there is now a jail ministry program in place.

I've been hearing on TV the last few weeks about President Bush. He says the reason we are letting these immigrants come in this country to work is because we can't get people in this country to work. I just want to make this statement. If a person is drawing a welfare check from the government or state and they offer that person a job, and if they don't accept that job, they should lose all their benefits. Because these people are able to work. Most of these people on welfare are able to work. I was at Wal-Mart last week and this young man was about 23 years old, healthy as a bull. He looked like he could have been a college student, checked out with food stamps. His bill was $105.30. I followed him out to the parking lot. He put his stuff in an approximately at $32 to $35,000 vehicle. I see this all the time, we all see it. Our government officials see it. They know what's going on. You've got people out there working for $7 and $8 an hour trying to provide for their family and they can't do it with that type of income. Offer these people a job and it's plain and simple, if they refuse it, take away their benefits. Get rid of some of these people that's drawing this dead beat money.