Letter to the Editor

Your View: Demand change

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dear Mike,

Thank so much for the two editorials you recently wrote about all our products being made in China. Your last editorial was great in explaining what the products are doing to our health and families.

I remember being taught many years age that the pen was mightier than the sword. You certainly proved that to be true in your last article.

However I differ with you on one point. The labor movement that was started many years ago began with the idea of one man who wanted fair wages for his fellow workers. It wasn't long until more people began to feel the same way until there was thousand of workers demanding a change. That got the attention of the politicians.

Should you keep demanding change with your editorials people would soon be looking for a way to make things better for all Americans?

Perhaps if our manufacturing companies would pay our foreign competitors a decent wage than the wealth of the world would be more evenly distributed. The way things are going now someday our wages will be as low or lower than theirs. When a person gets hungry enough one will do anything to eat. Our foreigners have proven it.

Please keep up the good work

Clem Scheffer Jr.