Speakout 8/27

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Whoever would like to have the picnic table built, I wouldn't mind building it for them. Call 472-1451.

- - -

This is in response to the person who was asking if anyone in Sikeston builds well constructed picnic tables. You can get a hold of B and J Woodworking. They may quality wooden picnic tables and their number is 380-4750. Call that number to place an order.

Stand up people. Why is it that the older people in this day and time are not teaching their kids to say Mr. and Mrs.? Instead of that, they have got them calling them by their first name and they don't use their last name. I was growed up different than you were. I was taught to call people Mr. and Mrs., Aunt and Uncle or Grandma and Grandpa. So stand up people. Teach your children what the manners are to call people Mr. and Mrs.

I wish the no-good people that are stealing the flowers off of my husband's grave would stop. This is the second time they have taken them off the grave completely and one time they put them over on another grave. I am tired of buying flowers and people stealing them at Garden of Memories.

To the person who called SpeakOut about donkey's head in the sand, are you ate up with the dumb*&$ or what? There have been no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq and we shouldn't even be there. We should be concentrating on finding Osama Bin Laden instead of going into Iraq for Saddam Hussein who has no weapons of mass destruction and pose no threat to the U.S. at that time. Now we have another Vietnam on our hands and I would just bet you don't have a child in the military to worry about, him or her dying in Iraq. If the leaders who voted on going to Iraq put their children over there first we wouldn't be there. Get your facts straight before you slam the Democrats. The Democrats would have found a peaceable way to solve this and we wouldn't have been in Iraq. We would have been in Afghanistan where Osama Bin Laden is.

Could you please explain to me what an illegal immigrant is doing filing an income tax form? I thought anyone caught doing anything illegal was fined and/or put in jail. What's the deal? Why aren't illegal immigrants fined, deported or put in jail instead of getting federal or state assistance such as housing, food stamps, medical costs and earned income credit of $3,200. I think I'd like to become an illegal immigrant. Maybe I could live better. I just don't understand our government. How can illegals get the same thing as legal Americans? Please explain this to me.

I'd like to speak out about the Mardis Gras that was in the paper about the Sikeston Rodeo being like the Mardis Gras. The person that wrote in and said that her son called it that, well she's right. The same stuff that goes on out there goes on at the Mardis Gras in New Orleans just about. Everybody gets drunk and acts stupid. They gripe about the people drinking out there and the law being out there. Well, they have chicken blood parties, and they drink and carry on and act like a bunch of fools there. So why do they want the police out there arresting these people? If they are going to sell the alcohol they need to keep the law out of it.

My complaint is about the speeders on North Ingram. At night time North Ingram is like a dragstrip. I have never seen anyone do the speed limit on my street. Last year one dog was killed, a little girl has been hit and then this week, Dr. Welton's wife was hit. Could you please tell the police we need some radar on North Ingram? They can even use my driveway to run the radar if they want.