Speakout 7/24

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I am looking for a farm house that I can rent cheap. I will do some work on it if need be. I am an elderly woman. I want to be in the country so I can have a small garden. I don't like town. I would love to have at least a two bedroom. You can call me at 703-5656.

A pleased pool

Congratulations and welcome to Sikeston Sunset Pools, Spas and Metalcraft. I hear they have already been nominated to the Chamber of Commerce for Sikeston's Spirit Award. Boy, do they deserve it. They are great people. Compared to what we Sikeston pool owners had prior to them getting here, it's like a night and day difference. As a pool owner and one of their newest customers, I'd like to say I'm glad they're here. And if my pool could talk, it would too!

I was just wondering what ever happened to the red haired lady that worked at the store in Morehouse. I know she got ill during the winter. The last few times my husband and I went to eat fish on Friday nights, we haven't been able to find out what happened to her. We really miss her. She was a great lady. She was always nice, she was funny and always good to be around. She always had a smile on her face for everybody. If anybody can tell me what happened to this lady, leave it in SpeakOut.

Here we are almost at the end of July. I sent three checks to graduating seniors for graduation and still have not received one thank-you in return. I know they received the checks because they were listed on my bank statement as having been cashed. Don't mistake me for the lady that complained about getting a thank-you for sending flowers to a funeral. This is different. There is no reason why able-bodied 17-18 year olds cannot pick up a phone or ink pen and acknowledge receipt of a gift. After all, they managed to address the graduation announcement and stick it in the mail. Nothing gets up my dander more than going to work, earning money, giving it to someone who sends an invitation for a gift (which is usually what they want when they send it) and then they do not have the common courtesy of letting me know they appreciate it! Just a word to them, leave me off your mailing list for your bridal and baby showers to come. No thank you, no gift for future occasions.

Charleston needs help. The police officers are not enforcing any of the law. I was just walking down the street with my wife. There was a drunk person walking down the road, right in front of the police department. They looked at him and drove right on down the road. I think Charleston needs help.

Could any of the city council members in Morley explain to us why these streets are not being repaired? They are badly in need of repair. Also the dogs are doo-dooing in other people's yards. I feel like we pay city taxes every year and our money should go to a good use. Could someone tell us, we'd like to know.

I see that Senator Claire has voted again against funding for the military and our troops. This makes the fourth vote she has voted with the far-left liberals and MoveOn.org and George Soros. She may have been your senator during the election but now she belongs to the far-left liberals. Her friends in Washington want you to stop buying American made cars and start buying Chinese cars. Will she still be your senator when she votes for the largest tax hike in the history of good old America. Have you had enough of Claire?