Speakout 7/10

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am a senior citizen that would like to take computer lessons. I know nothing about computers. Is there a daytime class for this? I don't like to be out at night.

I'd like to speak out on the cell phone issue that was in the paper July 3. I think if they are going to ban cell phones, then the Sikeston police department doesn't need to use them either. I see more cops on cell phones than I do other people.

Well it is already started, the fireworks. And yes, the officers are going around again and advising everyone of the law. This just does not make sense to me at all. Advising someone of the law, they should know the law. It's just like the loud noise law. Why do you keep advising people of the law? There are no repercussions in this city. I hope whenever I get in trouble, that the officer will advise me of the law instead of ticketing me or anything else. There are no repercussions here, these people can do whatever they want. They have learned that. Officers come by and advise people of the law. Advise them to keep their dogs put up, advise them to pick up their trash, advise them to turn their music down. Then they leave and the people go back to shooting their fireworks. The officers advise them of the loud noise, they leave and the music goes back up. It doesn't make sense. I can't even hear my TV because of the fireworks. I hope whenever I commit murder, the officer will come and advise me of the law.

I'm speaking out about the person who spoke out about not voting for Ralph Nader because CNN told him he was a Republican. The man or woman claimed that if you vote for Nader, you might as well vote for a hole in your head. That is the most ignorant speak out I have ever heard in my life! If you believe what you see on TV, whether it be news or a sitcom, you might as well put a hole in your head.