At 95, there is MAGIC behind these twins staying active

Monday, July 9, 2007
Melba McCord and Olivia Moll

SIKESTON - At age 95, twin sisters Melba McCord and Olivia Moll still don't miss a beat.

From teaching Sunday school to riding the church bus to help with passengers, the twins have remained active members of First Baptist Church over the past decades. McCord joined the church in 1957 when she moved to Sikeston; Moll in 1980.

The twins celebrated their 95th birthday June 20 and their age has not stopped them from being involved at church. McCord and Moll are a part of MAGIC (the Most Active Group in Church), a senior adult group that meets weekly. "There's always lots of food and usually a program too. If we don't have a program we usually play bingo," McCord said.

Along with MAGIC, the sisters also still regularly attend the morning service.

"At an age where most people stop coming to church, they still come and sit through the service even though they might not be able to hear it very well," David Jackson, pastor at First Baptist Church, said.

"I still go to Sunday school and church every single week," Moll said.

"Going is the only way I can witness--that and sending birthday, get well, and sympathy cards. I used to visit people at their homes a lot when I was able to."

Not only do the twins have a love for their church; the church loves them as well.

"They're cornerstones in our ministry. I've never heard anything but kind words about them," Jackson added.

"They're loving, caring, giving individuals."

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