Speakout 8/2

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I would like to respond to Guilty until proven innocent. I agree with all you have said. My son is in the same situation your son is in. They didn't think we could afford an attorney and were hoping we would have to go with a public defender. Now they are trying to prove my son to be crazy. What a joke! I pray that the three attorneys we have hired for our son, clean this county up. They were going to hang my boy. He is being accused of murdering a man. He didn't do it. I know you hear of families saying this all the time. My boy didn't kill nobody. The truth will be known someday. I know it will. There is no justice with our system. More attorneys need to take a case such as this pro-bono. I mean, come on, most attorneys could afford to take this on once in a while. We need more attorneys that care about our citizens, not just the pocket book. They should realize they would get more business for doing good deeds than railroading people into something they haven't done. Come on guys, think about it. One good deed deserves another. No matter the cost, we will fight for justice for this young boy. No innocent person deserves to sit in prison for something another person has done. You are right, where is the justice in our country today? Please fight for your child with all you have. You are all they have. I don't care the cost, believe in God and ask him to help in your situation. He will if you believe. Trust in God. He is all you have to fight this crooked world.

In regard to the wonderful couple who helped the little puppy who was dropped off by the blue pickup truck on County Road 634. Bless you both for your efforts in saving the little puppy. Thank goodness there are still wonderful and thoughtful people left on this earth like you. Your efforts are so appreciated and I know the puppy appreciates it. God bless you both.

I was in Wal-Mart today over by the shoe department when this young girl, maybe 14 or 15, came out of one of the lanes on an electric cart that is supposed to be for the handicapped people. She turned and knocked over a big box of shoes. They were all over the aisle. She looked at them and just kept on going. A customer picked them up. About 10 minutes later I was checking out and saw this same girl running around the store on two very good legs. I'm told Wal-Mart employees cannot say anything to them for riding the carts. You know, it may cost them some money someday when some kid runs over somebody and hurts them.