Speakout 8/12

Sunday, August 12, 2007

This is concerning our highways, especially the four-lane 57 and I-55 to the Cairo Mississippi bridge. Well, the governor we've got now, the one who needs his diaper changed, he says we'll get it done in a year. He puts up signs all over a year early saying we are through. Then they come out and say no, they're not through. Well, they are nowhere near through with that highway to Cairo or the Mississippi River from Sikeston. They have made a new highway, cutting out places in it. Four times they have cut out some places, it's ridiculous. They should get an engineer that has a better deal than that. They say it don't have a base. Well, make a base. This is the stupidest generation of people I have ever seen in my life. They do not study anything. They do not look at anything. They just go out there and do it. They've wasted enough money to build an interstate from here to Washington, D.C. Get rid of him. Get rid of all the durn Republicans.

I just picked up the paper and read SpeakOut. And to the two grandpas that think that it's fine that you can continue to work even after you retire, I don't agree with that. That is why there is so many people that are losing their homes, losing everything they have, because they don't have jobs to even make a living with because people that ought to be retired are taking their jobs. But no, I don't agree with these two grandpas at all.

Last Sunday night my father had left from another state and he arrived back in Miner about 1:30 in the morning. As he did, a Miner policeman, as always, followed him to the Sikeston sign and then left, turned right around in the road. There was no reason for this to go on. My father is not a drinker. My father is not a druggie. My father has always been a reputable man in this town. He's a retired businessman. I think the Miner police need to learn what is the most important thing, how to treat people. I hate it. When my father told me this it really disturbed me. He even lived next door to a Sikeston policeman. He had no reason to be followed. I've been struggling for a couple of days about calling this in. Miner police, learn how to respect others and have some honesty and integrity in your life and maybe you will be respected. All I know is that there is a bad reputation of the Miner police station. I think it is time that it ends. If people are going to live in Miner, pay taxes in Miner, then they should be treated right. I'm sorry to say I haven't heard anything good. I'm glad I don't live there.

I passed this one house, back off a ways of 61 on a little old blacktop. I saw this man standing out in front of house. It had weeds growing up the front and the back and junk around. Isn't he afraid of rats or snakes getting in his house or getting bit by some of them?

I was at a bingo Friday night at New Madrid. There were two women in there about to fight over a table. One was trying to make the other one move. She wanted her family there. She had put bingo daubers there on the table to save them. If they wanted to sit together, they should have come together. Just because she's a member that don't give her no right. Other people pay their money to come and not sit and listen to all that. The people that runs the place didn't even come over and say anything. They should put a stop to it before someone gets into a bad fight