Letter to the Editor

Your view: Win-win situation

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I applaud Governor Matt Blunt for signing into law House Bill 1270, the Missouri Renewable Fuel Standard Act. This legislation is a win-win for both Missouri farmers and consumers. While providing an economic boost for our state's corn producers, the bill protects consumers by ensuring that distributors are exempt from purchasing gasoline blended with ethanol if the price is higher than unblended gasoline. In addition, the use of ethanol has proven to reduce carbon monoxide emissions, making the air we breathe much cleaner.

My first priority is to ensure that Missouri agriculture remains on a path toward success. I am extremely proud of the dedication of over 2,500 farm families that have invested in a brighter future for themselves and the next generation of agriculturalists by launching Missouri's ethanol industry.

Missouri is a national leader in agriculture. It makes complete sense to take advantage of our agricultural strength to answer a portion of our nation's energy needs. Through increased production of renewable fuels, we will reduce our dependence on foreign sources of oil. Thanks to Governor Blunt's strong leadership, our state is now positioned to be a national leader in this exciting arena. Fred Ferrell Director Missouri Department of Agriculture