Letter to the Editor

Your view: Class to gather

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Dear Mr. Jensen,

As you may be aware, the Sikeston SHS Class of 1986 is scheduled to hold its 20-Year Class Reunion on July 22, 2006. Thanks to the generous participation and contributions by a large number of classmates, we expect it to be a wonderful event, involving a few activities that weekend, concluding with the reunion at the Elks on Saturday night.

In addition to local classmates and those traveling to Sikeston from around the country, we are also particularly pleased that our class' foreign exchange student, Arnaud DeJardin, is making the journey from Belgium to participate. Another highlight of the program is a documentary-style video to be shown which reminisces our years at SHS.

As you know, Sikeston has a great history which includes, of course, its public school system. We would be honored if you agreed that this particular event might warrant some post-reunion coverage in the Standard Democrat. In addition to the human interest and local history elements, we believe such a story in your paper would only add to the celebrated history of the Class of '86.

David York

Jami Satterfield

Brent King

Missy Lindsey