Speakout 6/5

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Call 471-6636

This is for the 41 year old Navy veteran who lives on Dorothy Street and needs help. Have him to call me and I'll give him more information on how to get help. My number is 472-1836.

So starting yesterday we have another home created terror situation with this individual with drug resistant TB. If the government has known since May 12 about this person and he was moving about freely, then why wait till now to quarantine him? This is far more dangerous than any suspected terrorist that might be in this country. This is deliberate to keep the American people in turmoil. This is pushing it. Cut down on meat inspections, bring the West Nile virus to this country, cut down on health care professionals. These are deliberate decisions. These are decisions made by evil people with intentions on making themselves rich and securing their own positions. Now in a just society they would get their just desserts.

I have an idea for getting our streets and cemeteries clean, our rivers clean, our parks clean. Let's deduct just $20,000 from the salary of every legislator, state, federal, whatever. They're all rich when they get in there anyway and they don't even need those salaries. And let's pay people to clean our cemeteries and our streets and our rivers and our parks. Let's pay them, they deserve it. Quit distracting the American people with these charity drives and this volunteerism. Even the Nazi resistors knew that was a means of distraction to divert people's attention to what was being done to them. And it's full swing in the United States and it's crap!

Want to dance and listen to good music? Fun night out, senior citizen dance 55 or over, first Tuesday of every month at the Elks, second Tuesday at the Eagles, third Tuesday at the Legion. Band starts at 7 p.m. Price is right. We'd be glad to have you out.

I'm calling about the SpeakOut article entitled, "It's mine not yours." I totally agree with this person. It's my property and I should be able to do what I want with it. As long as I'm not destroying the neighborhood, I should be able to do what I want. I think it's time we got a new city council, new whatever it takes, to let the landowners run their own property instead of the city of Sikeston. We need more people to call in and give their opinion, get up a petition, whatever it takes to vote these people out so we can have control of our own property.