Speakout 5/11

Friday, May 11, 2007

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This is for the lonely mother. It doesn't say whether you drive or not, and you are worried about your daughter not bringing your grandkids by. What's wrong with you getting in your car and driving over there? If you are in your 60s most likely your daughter is still working, most likely your grandkids are in school. Do you go see them in school activities, whether it be at school or in scouts? Have you been a part of their lives, giving of yourself to them? You know, anyone can raise a child, but raising a child and loving and caring for them and sharing, sometimes are different than just raising a child. Sometimes you put a roof over their head and feed them, and some people consider that raising a child. I don't consider that raising a child. I consider raising a child teaching them right from wrong, loving them, teaching other people to love them and them love other people and to be part of their lives in school activities, sports, etc. It sounds like you want them to come to you. Why not go to them? Maybe that's part of the answer. A lot of time when parents are working and keeping house, there is not a lot of time to go and you might even go and help out. Not to be a nanny or a maid, sometimes a little help with activities of your grandchildren's lives could make a big difference. Sounds like if you would give a little bit more of yourself, they would give back.

I was watching KFVS-12 news the other night, and I agree with Jo Ann Emerson 100 percent about the Iraq wars. Everything Bush has done so far has failed. We need to slowly bring our troops home by a deadline. We need to let those people deal with their own mess. And I think it was nice in American Idol doing a benefit concert to help raise money to help feed the hungry in Africa and the U.S. May God bless them for that. All Bush is worried about is fighting that blame war. The $30 million he's wanting to spend to front that war could be used to help the poor. Jesus is truly coming back soon. We all better have our houses in order.

I read a sign in a yard today it said "Parents Who Host Lose The Most." This sign could mean a lot of things. There is hosting parties for your teenage children with beer and so on. There are other things children are hosted to. Letting a child drive a motor vehicle with a permit without an adult in the vehicle just a bunch of other children in the vehicle. This is hosting to a child that it's okay to break the law even though you can pay the ticket. What is that teaching the child? It's okay to break the law and do whatever you want. It's nice to want to change things, but change has to start at the house first.

Some of the board members of the Sikeston Ethanol Plant thought they would raise all the money they needed during April. It is now May. Is the money raised and when is construction going to start? This is a big industry for Sikeston. It's time for a little more reporting.

Mike, most people agree with your opinion about pork barrel spending. But until the news media gets serious about their jobs and puts names on these Congress people who do these things and the Congress people who enable them and promote these practices, nothing is going to happen. Did our Congresswoman vote for this waste that you are talking about? And if so, do you intend to put pressure on her to stop these practices?