Speakout 3/16

Friday, March 16, 2007

I'd like to speak out about the Redneck Barbecue coming up. I see it's been changed to April 13. I would just like to say I hope it's much better than it has been the last couple of years. I thought the people who did the barbecuing were very unfriendly. I had some family come down from St. Louis last year, and I was embarrassed. It seemed like when you wanted some of the barbecue that it really irritated some of them. That's the whole purpose of the barbecue, people eating it. I know they are having a contest, too. But they shouldn't have an attitude when people want some of the barbecue because that's part of the fun. I mean, we offered to pay for it. It was just an unfriendly atmosphere. I just hope it's much better this year. It makes me ashamed to say I was from this area. Mainly it was the people doing the barbecuing.

When did the Standard Democrat become a Portageville newspaper? Because apparently that's where some of the Portageville basketball fans think the newspaper is located. I saw where some of the Portageville fans are unhappy that the Sikeston vs. Notre Dame game got all the headlines. Well, they're just going to have to get used to it. It's the Sikeston paper! I thought that day's sports section was outstanding. Great photos and great coverage. Do they expect the sports staff to lessen the coverage of the hometown Bulldogs in favor of a town that is 45 miles away, particularly when it was the biggest game of the year in Southeast Missouri? People, lets get real here. The Sikeston Bulldogs will always get top coverage. However, I don't mind seeing some of the other schools in there. I know I saw plenty of Portageville articles in the paper this year. In my opinion, the Standard Democrat sports staff covers the local high school scene better than any paper around. Those guys do a great job and deserve a pat on the back for getting out to all those games. Look at the size of the Southeast Missourian. Their high school coverage is severely lacking. The Standard Democrat is just a small town paper and the coverage and photos look just as good as the St. Louis Post sometimes. If Portageville fans don't like it, maybe they should get their own newspaper.

Have you ever sat on Malone Street where the railroad tracks intersect the town and seen how much the tracks move up and down and how bad the cars sway? I pray in Jesus' name somebody in authority would and something be done about it before something serious happens. My father and I sat there and watched a train go by for 20 minutes one time. I know there is some movement in the tracks, but I don't believe it should move that much. There was at least a seven inch up and down movement and at least a five inch sway in the cars. I honestly and earnestly pray that something be done about it. Sit and watch sometime.

Mike, that was a wonderful article you put in about Senator Eagleton. I met Mr. Eagleton at the airport in St. Louis when I came back from Vietnam in 1968. He was catching a flight out. He came up to me and told me to always hold my head up high that I had nothing to be ashamed of. I will always remember his kind words. He went kinda out of his way to welcome me home. Like you say on that deja vu, he could've been president, just about anything he wanted to be. He was truly a wonderful man. Thank you for the article.