Speakout 6/4

Monday, June 4, 2007

Call 471-6636

The monument honoring the 1140th engineer battalion is beautiful. I am glad to see this done. Those men deserved it. Thanks to whoever got it done!

Happy Mothers Day to you too! First of all I would like to thank you for the compliment on my age and would like to continue by saying that I had a great Mother's day. Let's get the story straight. I did not rear end anyone. If you seen what you said you saw, you should have or would have stayed until the police officer arrived to be a witness for the poor old lady who I did not go off on. I loudly and boldly told her to go back to her car and not to talk to me until the police got there because all of a sudden she didn't know how she could have backed in to me. And oh, I guess that doesn't have anything to do with the fact she doesn't have any insurance. I only have liability so I will have to take her to civil court to get my car fixed. You talk about not having a heart? If she had one, she'd buy me a new fender for my car. She knows who I am and how to contact me. You know at least half of Sikeston doesn't have car insurance. That doesn't include the other cities. I don't think it's right. Especially for those who work hard and make sure we pay our bills and that includes insurance on our vehicle. There ought to be something they can do to people who purchase insurance just to get their tags. Then they have an accident and don't understand how they could have done it. You need to either put up or shut up. Oh by the way, did you see a copy of the police report? End of story!

This call is related to the couple who provided liquor to the students from Notre Dame. I will refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. Greenbrier. Question Mr. and Mrs. Greenbrier, did you read the article printed in the Standard-Democrat Friday the 25th on page 12. It read, "Relief pitcher for St. Louis Cardinals killed in car crash. Dad is suing everyone that sold his son alcohol the day of the accident." Let's change this to read. "Father of Notre Dame student is suing Mr. and Mrs. Greenbrier for providing student with alcohol at the party at Mr. and Mrs. Greenbrier's residence. They admit to serving alcohol to underage people at their party. Mr. Greenbrier said he would do it again." There is several ifs in this scenario. But if my kid killed himself after leaving your party intoxicated, I would sue you for not what you are worth, but what you think you're worth. I know you are worth a lot of money or you would not live in Greenbrier. The punishment you could receive is $500 and six months in jail. I hope the judge fines you $500, six months in jail with no parole. At the end of six months I'd ask you if you would do it again Mr. Greenbrier?

I heard that these banks take the money they make from your late fees and have a big fancy party at the end of the year. I don't think that's right. If they know that you are a regular customer, they should refund you these late fees. I believe the only people that made money this year are the oil companies and the banks.

Check your facts because you're all wet on this opinion.

I'm calling in regards to Tuesday's SpeakOut about the witch of high gas prices. Is this fair to blame Democrats or Republicans? I guess this country has now come to Democrats or either for something or Republicans or against it, no matter what the subject. Gas prices are a very serious problem right now and something needs to be done. I think maybe it's a monopoly. Who knows. Seems like our gas prices go up everyday, mainly up. I don't see any other things going up like this. Let's say for instance Wal-Mart. You don't go out there one day and see a shirt for $5 and the next day it be $5.50. Is this right? No, it's not fair. And Bush is an oil man, that's a fact. No disrespect to the soldiers in Iraq, I think they are very noble. But are we over there because of weapons of mass destruction or is it oil? I don't know, you be the judge. I think it's oil. North Korea parade weapons of mass destruction, it's all over our news. We're not over there. Wonder why?

I heard a spokesman for al-Qaida this morning on TV. He was making demands and threatening George Bush. Among other things he said, he sounded like he was taking credit for the massacre at Virginia Tech. Was the murderer who killed students at Virginia Tech a Muslim? Was he somehow a follower of al-Qaida? Please tell us the truth about us. Tell us what really happened.

The shooter was unfortunately mentally ill and, according to his family, has struggled with mental illness all his life.