Speakout 4/13

Friday, April 13, 2007

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If a neighbor has a problem with another neighbor, wouldn't it be best if they talked with them face to face rather than using the media to try to humiliate them? Certainly would not a real "neighbor" want to be sure that all accusations were true, before placing them in a newspaper for all of the city of Sikeston and the surrounding areas to read, who I'm sure could care less.

To whom ever stole the flower pots and stacking rods from Restore at Bertrand. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. I hope you repent because I would hate to see you go to hell for stealing four flower pots.

I have been following this story about the 13-year-old boy who is accused in Stoddard County. I think the press has had a field day with this one. I think you have only heard what they wanted you to hear. I read there is a gag order on this case but it seems to me like this is only pertaining to his side of the story. What is the hold up on the trial? Maybe evidence. Let's not judge this 'till we get all the facts, something is not right here. I want justice for the victim and his family but not at someone else's expense. The defense isn't asking for an evaluation, so what's up? There has been so much press on this crime, do you think he could even get a fair trial in this area? Innocent 'till proven guilty in my book.

I am a grandmother looking for play equipment for my grandchildren. If anyone has any children's outdoor play equipment, such as swing sets, trampoline, playhouse, etc. in good shape and would like to have it hauled off for free, please email twomom58@yahoo.com.

When did the symbol for the Republican party become a rhino instead of an elephant? We need a true conservative to run for office in this land, not a rhino. That's all we've been getting the last couple of years, a bunch of rhinos.