Speakout 2/7

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

To Up a creek that was in Monday, Jan. 29 SpeakOut. I can figure that you're on welfare, always crying about the government taking care of you, blaming Bush instead of the FEMA director. Get real. I also agree with Mr. Jensen's editorial on Sunday, Jan. 21, but you should have added more to it. I'm sick of taxes paying for illegitimate children. If you can't pay for them, keep your pants zipped or your legs together.

I'm writing about a little store in a town close to Sikeston. I use to visit the store quite often in the afternoon until recently. They have cut the staff down to only two employees on most days in the afternoons and when you're in a hurry you can't get waited on fast enough. They say it's because of the slow time they are going through, but I think if they are losing business it's because the people are getting tired of waiting. The only people to blame for this is the management. The girls that work there work there butts off trying to get the customers out as quickly as possible, but it's nearly an impossible situation for them, especially if there are a lot of orders to be fixed or somebody wants a lot of deli meat sliced. They need to do something about this if they want their business back. Because if they don't a lot more people will be like me and take their business to Sikeston!

This Mr. Swift who wrote the letter to the editor sound like another Fakes, excuse me, Fox News groupie. Don't you get tired of being the source of jokes? Look around, listen, learn and then try thinking for yourself.

I don't know where this is speaking out or speaking up, but your paper has these women who are not dressed properly in there. Some won't subscribe to the paper because of that, they're not clothed, don't have no clothes on most of them.

This is in regards to the Jan. 31st, Only one judge. A 13-year-old boy is a teenager, not a baby. He turns into an adult when he commits murder like this one did. He's not a baby anymore. At 13, you are legally considered a teenager and when you commit murder, that makes you an adult. So live with it.

They need to bring ole Al Gore to southeast Missouri and tie him to a tree and let him spend the night, then he'd still be fighting global warming. I think we've got global cooling big time.

To the party who spoke about back in time. Well sir, I would like for you to know I did study my history books tonight. It all started back with the imports, back with Emerson. I have not to this day understood why they named the Emerson Bridge after him. I think they should have named it the Truman Bridge because he was from Missouri. Truman did a heck of a lot more than Emerson did. My father was a farmer and I had uncles that were farmers. And believe me, they could not stand the way Emerson done the farmers back then. I couldn't stand him either because I lost my job when he was in office. I did go back in time and that was when a lot of the imports started was with old man Emerson. It has continued and old man Blunt and old man Bush haven't done a thing about it. You can just take it and think about it. The Republicans have ruined the country with these imports. It they want all these imports over here then why in the world don't they go overseas and they can work over there.