Speakout 6/15

Friday, June 15, 2007

As a matter of public knowledge, Bootheel Agri-Energy needs to tell us what is going on with the ethanol plant. When do they plan on building? How much of a distraction is it going to be to local drivers? Is it going to be a problem to the railroad? Tell us what's going on. Tell us your plan. Tell us what's going to happen in the future. We would appreciate some public relations.

Mike, thank you for giving me the chance to speak out. This is in reference to Slopping at the money trough. To help people out with these junk vehicles, they can call 703-1947. I pay for them. I am a hobbyist, not a profit business. I pick up free. And while I'm on the phone. We need to think about prostitution is illegal, however abortion is. We need to get our priorities straight. America is headed down the wrong road. We need to put God first.

Oh my gosh, people are dealing with the death of a loved one and someone is worried about a stinking thank-you note. Get over yourself!

- - -

This is in response to the person who wants acknowledgment. I'm sure the family appreciates whatever you may have done to console them during the death of their loved one. You may think that a thank-you not within the week is a reasonable time, but given the situation that is not always the case for everyone. When you give your condolences at the time of a death, do from the kindness of your heart, not expecting to get anything in return. You do it hoping to lift spirits. This is not a baby shower or a wedding, it's a death. I would hope you would understand that I didn't have the time or the mindset to come home, sit down and write thank-you notes even if it has been more than a week.

I enjoy reading articles written by David Jenkins. They are very enjoyable and I can relate to many of them. Keep it up, David!

I'm calling about the two free mobile homes they have advertised in Sikeston. I keep calling this number and I get the fax machine. I would really appreciate if these people would turn their fax machine off so I could get a hold of them. We're in desperate need of a trailer, and putting money into the trailer we have is not possible. And trying to get one by putting a down payment is not possible. So whoever owns these trailers, I would really appreciate it if you would be there when I call your number.

This is in regard to the article about weapons of mass destruction or oil. You hit the nail on the head. Bush is an oil man. I rest my case.

I was in Mississippi County today doing some business in the Courthouse. I am a handicapped person and I was looking for a spot to park and there was none. I noticed that there was a red truck with no handicapped license, I assume he was a juvenile officer according to his license plate number, he was parked in the handicapped spot that I should have been able to have. I was just wondering if these people over here think they can park wherever they want to because they are officials.