Speakout 2/9

Friday, February 9, 2007

I think they ought`to send all these immigrants over there, they're always wanting to send Bush. If they don't want to fight their selves, they should shut their mouths up. He's trying to do the best he can. I saw last night on TV where all these young men and young women was going to sign up for National Guard and go over there and do their part. I think the American people ought to stand up for what they are doing in Iraq instead of always putting them down.

I just picked up my paper and read where they said Bush ought to go over to Iraq and fight. I think it would be good and I agree with this person 100 percent. I think if he had any boys over there himself that had been killed, if he would still feel good about it. I don't think it would really hurt him. I'm getting tired of reading about our boys being killed when they have family over here they need to be with. I also don't think they need to be fighting the way they are. They should be home in our United States to help our people.

This is to John Q. Public and his tax proposals. One hundred thousand dollars does not make you rich. Especially if you live somewhere like my brother in a 1200 square foot house that cost you $475,000. One hundred thousand dollars doesn't go very far. It may go pretty far in Sikeston, but in other places it's just not realistic to think that is rich.

To the person who called in to why their ATM card was not the same as cash, if you use your ATM as a debit card, it probably is the same as cash. But if you use your ATM card like a credit card, the merchant has to pay a percentage of that fee to the credit card company to make the money. That's also how credit card companies make money. They charge a fee to the businesses that use them, three or four percent, and it's not just a free thing for them. Therefore, if they are paying three or four percent and giving a cash discount, they are giving you the gas too cheap. So check your facts next time before you beg for stuff.

I'm calling about all you people who voted Republican, I hope you get what you deserve. I voted Democrat because I can see this man claims to be a Christian. Anybody in their right mind knows you don't steal from the poor and give to the rich. Iraqis are nothing but Muslims and will always be Muslims. They don't believe in Jesus Christ. They hate Americans. No matter how you say it, they hate Americans. I want everyone to call 202-223-4404. That's Joann Emerson's office in Washington and tell her what you think about the little cut the president is going to do on his budget. If he wants to fight a war, why isn't his daughters and Cheney's daughters over there? Let them fight, too.