Speakout 5/2

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We love you Bill Ferrell. Bill Ferrell is a good man. I have known him and his family for a long time. I understand completely what it feels like to be falsely accused. I have been there myself. I was so lucky to have family and friends that knew I couldn't do the things that they were saying I had done. I got through it, but it still hurts that you can be accused so easily. But Bill, you are a good man and your friends and family will always stand behind you. You should get an apology. We love you and hang in there.

I am a citizen of Miner and live on Harrison Street. As a person and taxpayer, I think a lot of our police department. I am glad they are around. Even though a council person, I'm not going to say male or female, this person, this instigator, likes to stir up stink in town. This person likes to direct traffic, dig up trash and cause trouble. It's always the same person every time. We have good people here. It's time for you to back out, use some common sense and do what's good for the town instead of running around stirring up trouble. Because come next election, we will get someone to take your spot. We're tired of your mouth and your accusations. We should work as a team, but we can't with troublemakers like you.

I'm calling to let you know what happens when you get hurt on the job and you fill out an accident report. They tell you it's not work related and you have to hire a lawyer and a lot of people can't afford to hire a lawyer. They just use the insurance to pay for it because it is cheaper on them. It happened to me in 2001. Where is the law that protects the working people?

It's a crying shame when this country lives in fear day in and day out. This country has never been afraid of anyone or anything. Why every time something happens, we have to have a grief counselor. Why can't we feel what we are supposed to feel? Why can't we stand up like Americans like we always have and not be afraid?

If the government really wants to check on the ones that get the earned income credit, they ought to check on the ones in Mississippi County.