Speakout 2/11

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Do you have any info on replacing the sign at SHS? Some time ago the sign was demolished by a drunk driver. Is the school board planning a replacement sign? Will it be an electronic sign? What's the schedule for installation? Will the sign be paid for by tax dollars or was the "accident" covered by an insurance policy? Are donations being accepted to pay for a replacement sign? Feedback would be appreciated.

Sikeston R-6 Superintendent Steve Borgsmiller said the high school's original sign was demolished in the accident, which occurred about a year ago. The school board is currently looking at designs for a new sign, which will be constructed near the new Math and Science Center sometime in the spring. It's still unclear whether the accident was covered by insurance. However, the sign will be paid for partially with donations and with originally earmarked district funds. The SHS graduating class of 1961 has taken the initiative to be a major donor to the effort; other graduating classes also donated money for a new sign before the accident ever occurred. Members of the public are welcome to make donations to fund the sign. As a strategy for a tax-free donation, those wanting to donate should contact Robin Stoner, executive director of the Sikeston Public Schools Foundation, for more information at 472-8833.

I had hurt my arm and am unable to work. My income is my son's check, which is SSI which isn't much. I pay $400 rent in the house I am living in and I need something cheaper. If there is any landlord out there that can help me, I'd like for them to contact me. I hate to be picky, but the house has to be on the east side of Kingshighway because of safety reasons. I do want them to know I do have dogs. They can contact me at P.O. Box 1458, Sikeston. I need to rent a house under $300.

It's 15 after 3 on Sunday, Feb. 4th. I'm watching a show on television about how Colonel Sanders would inspect a restaurant. If the firm wasn't up to his standards or if the restaurant wasn't clean, he'd back his Cadillac up, load up his equipment and close their franchise. They'd just have to exist from whatever business they could do on their own cooking. It's a shame he's not alive today to come and inspect restaurants today. Some around here are in bad need of some cleaning up.

Nothing but Muslims

I'm calling about all you people who voted Republican, I hope you get what you deserve. I voted Democrat because I can see this man claims to be a Christian. Anybody in their right mind knows you don't steal from the poor and give to the rich. Iraqis are nothing but Muslims and will always be Muslims. They don't believe in Jesus Christ. They hate Americans. No matter how you say it, they hate Americans. I want everyone to call 202-223-4404. That's Joann Emerson's office in Washington and tell her what you think about the little cut the president is going to do on his budget. If he wants to fight a war, why isn't his daughters and Cheney's daughters over there? Let them fight, too.