Speakout 12/12

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'd like to speak out. There are three of us all adult people who are looking for a total electric place to live in Sikeston area preferably. It could be down 114 a little bit, but we'd rather be in Sikeston. Our price range would be $400-$500 a month. We need something by the first of January or February. Please give us a call at 472-6307.

I don't know who the one is who is running down the Democrats, but I think it was a big mouthed Republican that started this war and don't know how to get us out. The terrorists in Iraq didn't start this war, it was Bin Laden and he has been a longtime friend of the Bush's. Just because one person said something about the draft doesn't mean it is going to happen. What he was saying was that some of these rich boys would have to go and defend their country. There are more Democrats now fighting than there are Republicans, because most Democrats are middle class and I can't say that for Republicans.

This is to the ones who called in and replied to Piled up having babies. I am so glad I called and put that in the paper because now I have the number for Immigration. And you don't even know what you are talking about. You people are so ignorant. A lot of these people don't want to give out a Social Security number or nothing. And besides all that, this brought attention to them and they're being took care of, thank you. And I'm proud to be an American, even though ignorant people like you call me a racist. Maybe, you are, you pig!

I want to thank the nice lady who knew my cousin, Camille Stone, and for letting me know where she is. I really do appreciate you for helping me find her. May God bless you for doing so.

I have a relative who works at a fast food restaurant. They have a gentleman that works there that is gay. No one is allowed to say anything to him. He is allowed to do anything he wants because they are afraid he will sue them. Well, he degrades the women, puts them down, calls them names. Nobody says anything to him, because he is gay. Isn't there something the workers can do about that? She shouldn't have to take that. She comes home bawling and squalling every day because her nerves are rattled. This guy does not have the right to do this to these ladies and men who work there. They shouldn't force them to. They are being discriminated against because they are not gay.

I was just wondering what the fascination is of a woman seeking out a married man to keep company with? Don't they realize there is no future in it? They will never leave their wives. All they've got is to sit around and wait for them to come by when they want to. They can't spend nights and holidays with them, not anytime special. They just have to sit around and wait for them to show up. What is the fascination with that? Except that they may be helping to destroy a marriage. Can anybody answer me on this?