Speakout 3/9

Friday, March 9, 2007

Call 471-6636

I know you will not mention the name of this place so I won't either, but they know who I am talking about. This place in town, when you work for them, they don't care much for your health, even if your blood pressure is high enough to be at the stroke level. They will continue to let you work until your shift is over, and then if you bring in a doctor's excuse, they treat you like crap and cut your hours. Then they blame everything on your personal life at home. I don't think it's any of their business. But I just wanted to voice my opinion. And the people that work there will know what I'm talking about. That's why four out of the seven that's working there is looking for a new job, all because of the manager. I hope this gets printed.

One bit, two bits, three bits a dollar, all for Scott Central stand up and holler. You're number one in the land. Congratulations Scott County Central Braves and Bravettes. You did a wonderful job at Oran at the tournament. Thank you. And congratulations to Ron Cookson for a wonderful year. He surely is a highly respectable coach and a person as well.

I'd like to speak out on the city of Matthews and I would like to commend them on all the hard work they have done to the city to make it nicer and all the efforts that have been put forth. However, I would also like to make the statement and ask a question. Does Matthews have an enforcement or an ordinance for old abandoned junk cars sitting in people's yards and houses that are falling down? And if not, why don't they get one? Some of the streets you drive through in Matthews look like a junkyard, a car lot. And the houses that are abandoned and falling down, they're horrible. I do not understand why the city does not do anything about this. In most places you are not allowed to leave vehicles sitting in the yard that are not licensed and running. You're not allowed to leave abandoned houses sitting that are running down or falling down.

This is for the person that complained about the people living in a home that is too small on County Highway 538. I guess you would rather have these people on the streets holding up a sign asking for help. I am sure that the people living in that situation hate it much more than you. If they could afford a large nice home like I guess you have, I'm sure they would. At least these people have shelter from mother nature. If you know these people and you are just doing this to be mean, I hope you look at yourself in the mirror in shame. If you are concerned about the welfare of the children, then why don't you help them rather than whine about something that is really none of your business?

Wal-Mart needs to figure out where they stand on the censorship issue. They refuse to sell CD's with explicit lyrics. A lot of you may agree with this. But I have bought a lot of PlayStation games from them and the language in them are much worse that some of the CD's I've heard in my day. What do you say to that Wally World? Someone from Wal-Mart please respond and explain this to us.