Speakout 2/6

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm calling about the Thursday paper, using the children. First of all, whoever called and made this comment is ignorant and stupid. These kids were underage. These people were supplying alcohol. And what would these people think if these kids would get out here drunk and have a wreck and kill one of their family members? I'm talking about the people that called and put this stupid column in SpeakOut in the Standard Democrat. The police did their job. I'm proud. Just because some people have more money than other people don't mean they're above the law. They need to pay. They broke the law and they have to pay. The person that called SpeakOut should realize one of these kids could have had a wreck and killed their self or one of their loved ones. Think about it. The cops did their job. Now the courts and the jury need to do their job.

- - -

This is in response to Thursday Jan. 24 SpeakOut on Using the children about the police department wasting their time on underage drinking. First of all, it is a crime, it is against the law for kids to drink that are under the age of 21. But, I guess it's okay if they're at a party. Let me guess. Your kids were probably there.

To the person and others that recently commented about "Using The Children." Are you saying that it is okay to sell, serve, present or even share an alcoholic beverage with a child? Are you sure your elevator goes all the way to the top floor? In reference to your statement about the "right side of town" what is the right side of town? If you think the police department does not deal with violent crimes then I suggest you apply for their "scared of true criminals" job and then you might be able to control the contributing to the delinquency of minor scapegoats and what is written in the local paper.

The person who called in and said the authorities are wasting their time by pursuing charges against the couple that supplied the young people with alcohol is dead wrong. This is a very serious matter and should be pursued to the fullest extent. I know young people can and will get alcohol from time to time, but supposedly mature adults should not make it easy for them to do so.

I need to do my civic duty for the season and address an issue: I would like to put everyone at ease of the Writer's Strike that is happening in Hollywood! Everyone calm down. Take a moment. Breathe. It will be okay. Now, I understand that some of you are really concerned that you will have to watch dreaded "reruns" for a few more weeks/months, I have a resolution to that problem: Get up off the couch, spend some quality time with your family. Try heading out to the bowling alley together. Maybe even go to the gym and exercise! (gasp) Or simply buy some new board games or cards and play them. Or if money isn't readily available, go to the library and get some books to read, it's free. I know that I have really shocked many of you, but I'm sure we can all get through this tough time with some effort. I have faith in you all.

I have children in my neighborhood who don't seem to have a clue on how to treat and relate to animals. These children display any affection, love or pet animals, have no empathy whatsoever for the emotional needs of family pets. Where and what kind of people are the parents? Children have to be shown how to love an animal. Are the parents so cool and laid back on their multiple anti depressants, which we all know dull your emotions and senses, not to mention your sex drive, that they have lost the ability to know how to love. I think the answer is yes.

I was calling to find out where the money goes that our governor has accumulated for his reelection campaign. I understand it's close to $2 million.

Blunt said he won't convert his campaign funds to personal use. It is illegal to convert campaign contributions for personal use. Right now, Blunt has about $4 million in his campaign warchest, although some of those funds will be returned under a recent campaign finance ruling.