Speakout 10/12

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The topic in SpeakOut was God bless Harrison Street. Two things in that article contradict themselves. One thing says that I go back there from time to time. How would that person know what goes on on that street if they don't live on that street and just go back from time to time? If you had a personal problem with the person riding a lawnmower, that lawnmower is gonna go mow a yard and you know that. Judge not lest ye be judged. Hey, don't hide behind the Bible. Have a good day.

As a taxpayer, my husband and myself and many more taxpayers, where is the help for the working people when it is needed? It will cost us about $1700 to have our gas turned back on. I called a government office here in town and they informed me that our application for energy assistance would be taken in October. But because we didn't apply last year, we will have to wait until November. Why is this? Maybe we did not need the services last year. Does anyone know who I can contact with this problem? I am tired of being told we are out of funds, but they still get their paychecks. Why are they even open?

I live on Harrison Street in Sikeston and on my block we have really good neighbors. We are friendly to each other and depending on which neighbor you want to visit you do have to "cross" the street to get to visit with them. We don't visit every day but we know if somebody really needs something, all they have to do is call on us and we will be there to help them. I do know of one person that rides a lawnmower down the street, but if you have ever put a riding lawnmower in the back of a pickup and you are only going down a couple of houses, you know it's a lot easier to ride it than to put it in the pickup and unload it. He does help four or five of his "neighbors" by mowing their lawn and I'm very grateful for that. But I really like my neighbors.

I've lived in Sikeston for 50 years. I haven't seen every Cotton Carnival parade, but the one I saw last Saturday is the first one that I'm aware of that one political candidate to a shot at another political candidate within the parade. Jim Talent had a big banner complaining about Claire McCaskill's stance on illegal aliens. I don't think that's appropriate. I don't think that's appropriate for the setting. As far as I know that breaks the tradition. Has anybody else out there ever seen a candidate take a shot at another candidate during the Cotton Carnival parade? I think that might show the Talent campaign is a little desperate. They should be. I mean, have ya'll had enough? I know I have.

This is in response to Get it fixed, the truck that sounded like Steamboat Willy on dry land. We are taking donations for a manifold and a gasket. Thank you.

My child plays on the Sikeston Smurf League and I thought that league was supposed to teach the children the different positions by rotating and letting them play different positions. On my particular team the coach is so intent on winning that he basically keeps the same three forwards, or at least the same two forwards, the entire game and has the entire season. I think all the children should get to play all the positions and rotate them and try to teach them, not just try to win. How else are they going to learn as they move up in the division if they don't teach them in the Smurf League?

Would somebody come and move this dead cat on East Gladys Street? It's been here for two weeks and it stinks.