Speakout 1/8

Monday, January 8, 2007

I think this is becoming very, very bad. For the last month the only thing I read about is married men cheating on their wives and everything like that. And the women say they didn't know he was married. Well, this goes both ways. My brother dated a woman that he fell in love with and everything and at the end he found out she was a married woman. Her husband was a drunk. I've got other friends that has dated married women and they didn't find out until about six or seven months down the road that they was married. All SpeakOut has is married men cheating on their wives and everything like this. That is wrong too. Married women cheat on their husbands too. They take their rings off just like the men do. I think you should start putting it in SpeakOut about the married women who are cheating on their husbands and everything. It just ain't one side. It goes on everyday, not just in this area, but everywhere.

This is to Mike Jensen. You say you resolve to be a better person. You could start by not calling Rosie O'Donnell an obnoxious waste of human flesh. God created that flesh as well as yours. Remember not to judge others as you make your resolutions.

My husband and I was passing through town and noticed a place that had masks. And we were just wondering if they put those out because of Saddam Hussein. We noticed in the paper that he had been hung and thought they put the masks out in honor of him.

This is to Checked list twice. Whose fault do you think it is your two sons are in prison or have to go before a hearing? Maybe if you had taught them better when they were young, took them to Sunday school and church, this wouldn't have happened, they wouldn't have been such a drain on the taxpayers. It's their fault and it's your fault. It's not anybody else's fault.

I would like to speak out on the Christmas decorations this year. My husband and I went driving through town this year and I must say the decorations were beautiful this year. They were better than they have been in the last three years. One place caught my eye more than others and that was a house on Southwest Street. It's a large two story home and it was remarkable. I would have loved to have seen it with a snowfall.

I was just watching the presidential funeral for Gerald Ford and I would just like to say that I think it is very nice that our government recognizes him as a good human and president. However, I feel that all this pomp and circumstance is just too much on the widows. Most of these widows are 80 years old and over and it's just too much on them. I think things need to be changed and these people shouldn't have to go through this. Funerals are bad enough without the public's eye being on your every move at that time. And again, it's too much for a widow of that age. Gerald Ford was a good president and he will be missed.