Speakout 9/5

Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Yes Mike, I really don't know how you run your paper, but reporters' jobs is to report and here in your Standard Democrat on August 24th about the school board member having to resign. Well, what the school board member don't realize is that he was breaking the law. He might not have known he was breaking the law, but he was. He can't be on the school board, so give it up and quit crying. And they say they are going to discipline this reporter that worked for the Cape paper. Well that's very, very wrong. He was doing his job and that's what reporters are supposed to do, report news in everything that goes on in this area. Not just in Cape County, just like your reporters go all around the area and reports to you and everybody else in your office. This is very wrong. The man, this Eric that had to resign, that's just tough luck Mike. He was breaking the law and you shouldn't be on the school board if you don't live in that district and the reporter just made a report. He did his job. I don't understand why they are disciplining him and I want to know would you discipline your reporters for making a true report? News is news no matter what area it's in. Would you put in SpeakOut what you would have done?

I would discipline a reporter who became a part of the story instead of reporting the story.

In agreement

I am so glad someone else called in about a subject I spoke about a few weeks ago, Cruel is not cool. I agree with that person too. I'm glad that someone else agrees with me too. There are a lot of children being mistreated in school and that stays with them all of their life and when they get out of school they wind up in a penitentiary wind up with some kind of mental problem. I blame the teachers as well as the bus drivers because they are the ones that see that this child was not taken care of. Like this person said the bus driver just sat and laughed. The parents and teachers should be the ones discussing the children's problems, not teachers taking it up with each other in the teacher's lounge. That is not the way it should be. What goes around, comes around.

New Madrid County R-1 does offer computer classes. The number is 688