Speakout 9/17

Sunday, September 17, 2006

In response to the woman asking about the motorcycle classes, we offer basic rider courses that are developed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. For information call Bootheel Motorcycle Training at 748-5756.

I want to commend the man who bought the old Diehlstadt school property and is in the process of cleaning it up. It looked like a junkyard. I hope others in Diehlstadt and the area will follow his good example and take pride in their property and begin to clean it up. There are a lot of yards in the area that look like junkyards with a lot of old vehicles drug up in the yards.

I agree with the article about kids from Morehouse. I grew up in Morehouse, and I can definitely say, that we were not treated the same as the Sikeston kids. We were shunned! We were never good enough. I know for a fact, my family was much better than most of theirs. I graduated from Sikeston High School in 1986, so the mistreatment has been going on for years. I, of course moved away immediately after graduation. I think everyone should be treated equally, no matter where you come from. Morehouse is a great little town. There are good and bad in every place you go. Believe me, Sikeston has some pretty bad things going on. Kids just don't get it. When you treat someone like they are nobody, they will grow up all of their life, thinking they are nobody. Parents need to get off their high horse and teach kids some manners.

Has Noranda Aluminum been sold? I had worked there for 28 years and now retired and the word is it has been sold. I have never seen anything in the paper and I am curious if you could find out.

Xstrata assumed full management control on Aug. 21. For more details you can log on to www.xstrata.com. and click on news releases, Aug. 21.

This is to all the preachers that are pimping the church. God is not pleased with you charging for the use of His house. It is for nothing but the use of your own gain. It is no wonder so many souls are lost and so many are going astray. Let's get right and do the right thing.

I would just like to thank the manager of Fiddlers in Dexter and all the staff. I left like $80 and change there and they called me back and were honest enough to give it back to me. I would just like to thank them and thank God that we still have honest people left.

I'm calling to see if anybody has an old ping pong table they have stored away somewhere that they would like to get rid of. We need one in good shape. It's for the First Christian Church in Charleston Youth Group. 683


I'm just calling in response to Take a step back. Most teachers start out at $27,000 a year. That's more than most people start out at. I think that teachers are too busy worrying about what they are gonna do tomorrow or what they did yesterday instead of teaching the kids. If the children are unruly it's not their fault, it's the teacher's fault because she should be in the classroom seeing that they are learning.

To that idiot who thinks that George Bush will go down as the worst president we ever had, they must not be very old. I remember all the way back to Hoover. Jimmy Carter was the worst president to ever sit in the White House. He brought this country to its knees. A third grader could have done that good or better.