Speakout 2/21

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Borders, language, culture. You can't go wrong.

I was wanting a special report about all the health problems, people been getting sick all the time in our eating establishments. I wish these health inspectors would get off their duffs and start checking some of these facilities.

This is for those telephone companies that charge more than they say they are going to. I was with one telephone company, AT&T said they were going to charge $29.95 a month. And I got my bill last week, and it was almost $80. I wonder how they can get away with lying like that. Well, I'm gonna change back from where I started from. If they can't put my bill back down to where they promised, then they can forget my bill.

Please publish this in your SpeakOut column. It's a great column and you've got a great newspaper. This is also in reference to Going nowhere. You are right. Sikeston Bulldogs are going nowhere. I am really surprised that you defeated Charleston this year. The whole Charleston team must have had pneumonia that night. And the losers on your sports prediction panel, your sports section of the Standard Democrat, I think two of you picked Charleston to beat Portageville the other night by 40 or 50 points. Get a life losers. You're just jealous. Get over it. We are true Portageville Bulldogs fans.

I was wondering if anybody has three or five tickets to this Saturday Feb. 24th night's performance of the Wizard of Oz? We have tickets for Friday's show, but we have a conflict and can't use them and would really like to go on Saturday. If somebody would like to switch either three tickets or five tickets for Friday night's performance, call 472-3753.

I want to express my opinion about this Australian prime minister saying that the enemies are just praying for the Democrats to win so they can just take over. Well I like Obama, what he said. If he's so worried about America pulling out then why don't he send his troops over there and help keep them from taking over. All this is is a gimmick to keep the Republicans in so they can keep the people over in Iraq. If you want these boys to come home, you better vote Democrat. The Republicans are planning to keep them over there as long as they can to do the work so they can keep the oil line running. They are wanting to build a pipeline over there and they've got to keep them boys over there to do it. If you don't believe me, check it out yourself. But I'm all I'm saying is if he's so worried about it, let him send his own people.