Speakout 6/23

Friday, June 23, 2006

I would like to know if anybody in Speakout would be able to help me find a lawyer because I can't afford a lawyer. Legal Aid in Missouri can't help me after four years but they helped my father who took one of my children from me saying it was the only grandchild they had and I have three others. And said some lies because they didn't like who I was married to so they took my child. Never found any of the evidence true that was in the court order. Now it has been four years so I am trying to figure out how somebody can help me get my child back from this person who if you look up his domestic violence history not only has he beaten women but had numerous ex parte orders and everything else yet they can put my child into his custody. I'm trying to figure out if there is a lawyer out there who could do pro bono or if he can connect me with someone who won't discriminate on helping somebody that is not rich but is trying to get her child home with the rest of her family. Please leave it in Speakout and I will watch for it. I don't want to give my number because you know how people act now a days. But these people have my child and he has a mom and dad and three little brothers at home that would really love to see him.

This about the Blunt's Voter ID bill. I would love to see this when it goes around because constantly all the poor, disabled senior citizens will go in and vote and get his butt out of office. He has done nothing for us. It has almost got the best of me. Most Americans over the age of 16 have an ID. You get an ID when you are born. You have to have an ID to sign up for school, whether it be a birth certificate or something. You sign your life away. You have to show all kinds of identification. To get a loan, when you sign up for public aid or Social Security or anything. Why does he want to go to nursing homes and hand out free ID cards to people who aren't really able to vote anyway? Well some can, but a lot of them can't. I just think this is a waste of the voters money. He can say that he is doing it to stop voter fraud but I feel that the only voter fraud we have going on is within our government anyway. We don't know how many people vote, all we know is what they say. Our system seems to have been working great so far, why do they want to waste Missourians money on IDs when it could be going elsewhere to people who really need it.

I got something to say about immigration. If our American people weren't so lazy we wouldn't have a problem with immigrants. They come in and do the work that our people won't do that has to be done. They come in and do it for little to nothing so people pay them and they work gets done. Why can't the Americans do that? Maybe we would have less people on welfare and less bitching about our system.

When will the law or government put a ban on these farmers burning their fields. It can't be good for the atmosphere and it is very dangerous along these highways. Neighbors who live next to these fields can't go outside and their houses smell like smoke. I know of a neighbor's son who is having breathing problems now because smoke is around them. What does it take to get these banned? Years ago farmers didn't do this and they made a living. Something needs to be done.

You know Congress cannot be honest with the American people. When they turn in their financial reports on different things they sold or gotten. They say they sell something like property for $250,000 to $500,000. There is a lot of difference between $250,000 and $500,000. Which one is it? They just can't tell the truth.

Politicians or others who fill out similar reports aren't lying. The forms ask for a price range, not a specific price. That avoids the process of constant appraisals. Ask more questions and be less suspicious.