Speakout 4/20

Thursday, April 20, 2006

We need some people in office that have some common sense. If these people are out marching, if they have a job, why aren't they out working? They want the American dream and they are carrying the Mexican flag. The politicians say they are doing jobs Americans won't do. Make some stronger laws for welfare. If you take some of these people off welfare, some of them would work from the start and some of them would not. I think that we should have at least three doctors say that they couldn't work before they don't have to go to work. Some of them have several kids and they want the government to make sure that they are fed and pay for their insurance. They should know before they start having these children that that is their responsibility. They should have to pay for all their clothing, their food and their insurance. These people that are over here want the American dream, but if you will go to these stores that sells money orders, you will see them lined up sending their money back to Mexico. Some of them have a home here and a home in Mexico. Why? Because they don't have to pay as much interest as people that are born and raised here do to buy a home and I say that these children that are out marching, the teachers should block out every child because they should be in school. That is the reason we are in such poor need now for people who really need it. The people that are handicapped, these soldiers that are crippled, they are going to have to have help, where is that money going to come from? These people that are on this welfare will stay on it as long as they can so they won't have to go to work. I'm speaking the truth.

I love the SpeakOut calls about people playing their music too loud telling them they need to be stopping the dope dealers instead. If the police can't keep the people from playing their music too loud, how in the world do you expect them to stop the dope dealers?

I'd like to speak out about the disaster that happened in Caruthersville and Dyersburg, Tenn. I want to say their are a lot of people that have spent their time and energy and have worked effortlessly to help these people and their families to get back on their feet. They are the unsung heroes and I think everyone of them need a pat on the back. I think the ones of them that are trying to get free advertising off of this tragedy, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You should not be trying to build your business on the backs of these poor people down there. You unsung heroes who remain anonymous, your picture is not in the paper, you're giving your all, you are the ones deserving our thanks. Thank you very much. You other people should be ashamed of yourselves.

The employer says to the employee, "Now that you've told me how dazzling and fabulous you are, show me."

This is to Chris Moore about the thing in the paper about the Cardinals. He is a jerk. The Chicago Cubs, they suck! There is no better team in the world than the St. Louis Cardinals. I think that all the fans go to the games whether they win or lose. You can see red no matter what. This guy needs to be taken out of the paper. He is a jerk!

I think Chris Moore needs to be covering Little League baseball or Pony League baseball not the major league after what he said about the Cardinals.

This is in regards to Chris Moore, your sportswriter. You need to send him back to Chicago since he seems to be so fond of the Cubs. Sounds like a good place for him. St. Louis, No.

I'm calling about the guy who writes the sports page that don't like the St. Louis Cardinals and St. Louis Rams. You tell him he needs to quit writing the sports page and go to Dallas and get a job.

This is for Chris Moore. Go ahead and roll in the Cub's occasional victory over the Cardinals. After all, what else does a Cub fan have?

This is in reference to Chris Moore's "Nobody asked me but..." article regarding Scott County Central's suspension. He's right. no one asked him. In fact, no one asked anybody. I believe SCC can bounce back, their reputation has not been tarnished beyond repair no more than all the other schools in the state. Who cares if someone believes a win is "legit" or not. If we scratch the surface of every school regarding basketball, we'll find some not so glamorous acts and circumstances. This is beside the point of my comment, but I wanted to point that out. The real reason I'm writing is a comment he made needs to be addressed. "High school athletics is on a slippery slope and someone needs to take a stand." Here, Chris is right. Someone does need to take a stand. However, they need to break it down first. Look at the words "high school athletics". High school is the first words. This is where it begins. Since when should athletics take precedent over education. If you ask me, and nobody did, there would be no competitive athletics in high school. If there were, only those with acceptable grades would be allowed to play. I am a teacher in another school district close to SCC. It frustrates me that these boys can slack off, sleep in class, be disrespectful to teachers, fail to turn in homework and yet still get to play in the game. This is where the stand must be made.