Speakout 6/13

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I was just reading about how our government is wasting our money again. Democrats donate $2 million to gays. Our government will spend $26,000 for a wheelchair, but they cannot do upkeep on that wheelchair. They can't buy batteries or do repairs. That's like buying a brand new car without insurance. Maybe the people in office and in government need to get their heads out of each other's butts and come out here with the real people and find out what's going on and our money wouldn't be wasted.

This is for the "Slow down on Ingram." I'm glad you can read. Please slow down.

We just wondered if they are going to form a line across the Emerson bridge with men who support gay marriages?

I'd like to respond to "Bust in time." Apparently this person in Morehouse knew this drug business was going on for several years. I have to wonder why they haven't spoken up before now.

Mr. Editor, please stop featuring on the front page of the paper these poor, wretched rodeo animals. It ruins my day to see it. You should not print it unless you are willing yourself to trade places with than animal. You are any other sponsoring these events. Not all of your readers, in fact, not all of the citizens of this community, are fans of the rodeo or the idea of it all. It's only a small, crude ignorant minority that this kind of thing appeals to. In consideration of those of us who are highly offended by animal abuse and to be fair, print them on your $%*($## website. Don't put them on the paper that I pay you for. I know why Sikeston doesn't have a decent animal control ordinance. Then you could not have this event in the city limits. This is it isn't it? What kind of people are you? It's disgusting. Any human who approves of animal abuse will also be capable of torturing human beings. They go hand in hand. That is an established fact.

I'm giving you a quote. "One does not have to be a sociopath to support terrible things. The problem lies less in flawed personalities than in our relationships to each other. The most terrifying thought is not that violence can be inflicted on us, but that we, all of us, are able to inflict it on others through the ordinary, power laden social relationships that structure our daily lives. It is the rare person that can resist the pressures of conformity and authority and act in ways that are morally autonomous." Mr. Editor what do you do to counter the increasing prevalent violent tendencies in this society? Our local, national and international relationships? What do you personally do? Do you believe in doing it in your position?

It's also an "established fact" that obsessive people are sometimes narrow-

minded and dangerous. I agree there are "prevalent violent tendencies" in society. So I lobby for increased personal responsibilities. I lament against the "blameless" notion that all too often results in violence. And what do you do?

I was just wondering if they were going to put the valedictorian and salutatorian from Charleston in the paper. I've seen Oran and Sikeston, of course, and several other schools. It would be nice if you would.

If the information is provided to us, we will gladly publish it.