Speakout 6/14

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I am addressing the letter about the traffic on Malone in front of AgMart in Miner on up through Sikeston. If the city cops in Miner would spend a little more time watching the area out around AgMart, maybe they could address some of the issues. Instead they watch I-55 and try to catch somebody going 5 or 6 miles over the speed limit. I realize they are after revenue on I-55, but they are paid to protect the people in Miner and enforce the laws in Miner and I think their time would be a lot better spent if they were actually inside the city limits. I-55 is a federal highway, it only goes through Miner. I don't feel like it their jurisdiction to set out there and patrol it and let it become a regular speed trap.

I'm calling to report the dogs at Grant City. I went through there this morning going to work, and I counted 16 of them in the road. I like to never made that. I want to tell you something, someone is going to get bit out there or killed. There needs to be something done and they are going to hurt somebody. Get something done about it. We pay our taxes, but I guess it's for nothing because we never can get anything done out here. I guess it helps the ones that don't pay theirs. I'm getting tired of these &%#@ dogs.

I was wondering if anyone knows where you can get your ears stapled for weight loss or smoking. If you do, please put your number in SpeakOut.

If anybody else has a place to rent in the Morehouse area, please give me a call at 380-8497. There is three of us, an 11-year old boy and two elderly ladies.

I'd like to comment on "Graduation is no celebration." I totally agree with them. My daughter graduated from Sikeston High School this year. I feel like it is the student's night. It is not the principal's or the people on the board, it is their night. I'm pretty sure all the kids wanted to be applauded for individually. Sikeston is so concerned about being politically correct. This is for the kids, it's not for them. This is their night. I have kids that are gonna graduate in a few more years and I hope things change. When you are at a football game everybody is cheering for that one person that makes the goal. Why can't we cheer for the individual? They earned it. Ask the students what they want.

This is a question, not a comment. Can you settle a little argument for us? Does the Sikeston Power Plant supply any of the electricity for Sikeston?

According to Ed Throop, General Manager of Sikeston Board of Municipal Utilities, Absolutely. The last fiscal year, Sikeston got 70 percent of its power from the Sikeston Power Plant. The residual comes from Southwestern Power Administration. Throop said any questions could be directed to him at Sikeston BMU at 471-3328.