Letter to the Editor

Your view: Where's equality

Monday, April 10, 2006

The 10th Annual Day of Silence, scheduled for April 26, 2006 is now a mandated Public School day observance held in select public school districts on the East and West coasts, and elsewhere across America.

The purpose of this Day of Silence founded by GLSEN is to honor gays, lesbians, transgender and bisexuals, by calling attention to alleged "discrimination" and alleged "hate speech" against them in our society."

To qualify for hate speech, all you have to do is declare in public in picture, word, written, or printed t-shirt form that you do not agree with their lifestyle being given preferential status in American culture.

Therefore, I am about to write will be labeled "hate speech." Thank you. In commemoration, on April 6, the Sacramento City Unified School District board approved a resolution to proclaim April 26, 2006 as a Day of Silence. The April 6 resolution instructed school districts to notify staff so they could prepare a day of devotion supporting "Day of Silence" and develop lesson plans that will allow student observance.

This, after 40 years of Christians being ridiculed and beaten down with the mantra, "you can't legislate morality!"

No government can make an individual "Holy and acceptable unto the Lord" merely by voting in laws that honor God authored moral principles. But, by doing so, any group of people can institute guidelines of moral behavior for civil harmony and peace by gleaning those guidelines from the Ten Commandments as our founding fathers did.

That in and of itself won't get you to heaven. However, it can make a society; civil, peaceful, and honorable, and conducive to Christian living, and Christianity flourishing. Norman Rockwell paintings capture the essence of such a society that our World War II generation inherited, and grew up in; that society which embodied intestinal fortitude, and spirit necessary to beat back two demonic philosophies bent on global tyranny.

Those Rockwell images were not images of religious piety, or religious extremism, but a wholesome image of "good neighbors" and "good citizens" full of trust, honor, and "good deeds" for one another.

How did they get that way? What were the underlying philosophies and principles? And, where did they come from; that principle and philosophy that built a nation to such a degree of strength and character?

How and why, have subsequent generations let that society of "good will" and its individual identity be debased into a society so brow beaten, and coerced by ACLU championed minorities aided by planted devious Federal Judges? Judges, who "unconstitutionally made new laws" from personal biases and "constitutional imaginations" designed to remove Christians and Christian principles from their former status of honor in our State and Federal government affairs.

How and why, have we allowed this minority of personal biases to silence our majority voices? Our individual rights? Our majority to be further devolved into the auspices of proactive minorities who are anathema to the very core of our way of life, and the fundamental principles upon which this nation, of our heritage, was founded?

Why do we still allow this "minority" to declare our involvements in government affairs "unconstitutional" simply by repeatedly saying we are "shoving our morals down the their throats of non-believers, and believers with differing views, and inventing a phrase found only in "Communist" constitutions, "Separation of Church in State?" It is not in ours. Look it up, and read it to me if it is.

Use their logic. If, the shoving of "our morals" down the throats of others who do not agree with "our views" is "unconstitutional"...... why then, isn't it just as "unconstitutional" for this same minority of non-believers, and/or believers with different views, to shove "their views" down our throats?

Especially when our majority pays the majority of the taxes that are being used to fund their controversial agenda which we abhor? Where's the equal protection crowd on this on?

But, more importantly, where are you on this one?

John McMillen