Speakout 8/7

Monday, August 7, 2006

I'd like to know when they are gonna start spraying out on Coleman Street for mosquitoes. They are eating everybody up. I'm sure they have been all over town. I think the truck should get out and spray.

Mark my words, the St. Louis Cardinals lose four games in a row to the lousy Cubs, they will not make the playoffs.

I'd sure appreciate if you would print this. I suspect there are aliens in the area because there are people complaining to SpeakOut about the brown water in their toilets, when they flush it, it fills back up with brown water. In my neighborhood, when I flush my toilet, my brown water goes away.

Help. Why don't Morehouse do something about these mosquitoes? They are just about to carry us off. Help. Help. Do something about these mosquitoes, Morehouse.

I was looking for someone to put up a metal carport for me. You can't just buy the metal and bend it yourself. It has to be from where they make these sheds I guess. It would have to be like half of a big one attached to the house. If anybody out there does this, I would like for you to call me or put it in SpeakOut. I sure want one. Just put it in SpeakOut.

Over here on 62, between Bertrand and Charleston, a tractor is going down the road. The tires are so big they are on both lanes, taking up one side and half the other side. Don't the law state that these farm tractors are supposed to move over and let these people pass? I've rode behind this tractor for almost five minutes. Finally I started blowing my horn and he pulled over and gave me the finger. Now, I just want to know what's the law? I always thought that they was supposed to pull over and they are setting there going 20 miles an hour down the road. Can you find out the law and who we can call if these tractors don't move over?

I don't know who that political candidate is that is running around through these neighborhoods blaring that music that sounds like a parade, but I'm gonna vote for that other boy who's running against him. This is crazy. They need to give him a ticket for that loud music violation like they did my boy. They gave him three of them and took his car.

Anyone having fishing gear, broken or discarded, and would like to help out a local nursing facility, we need items for a few residents, former fishermen, to repair, rework, rewind and remember those days that have gone by. Call Kay at 471-7130.