Speakout 6/19

Monday, June 19, 2006

I'd like for someone to tell me where I can get some good tuna. I bought some at one of the stores in Sikeston the other day, I'm not going to mention any names, and it's plenty high. It said it was supposed to be tuna on the side of the can, but it was nothing but mush. I'd like for somebody to tell me where I could get some good chunk tuna.

I would like to respond to an article that Josh Bill had in the paper a few weeks ago about this train situation. He ended his article with, "Please don't kill us." Well, all of us living along the tracks from Rockview to Oran agree with that. We have noticed the trains are going a lot faster than they did a few months ago. Some I would say are going 70 mph are more, as they are passing cars and trucks on the highway. What scares us to death is going this fast rate of speed, what would happen if some cars would jump the track? How far would these cars go at that speed? Our homes and buildings would be demolished and our lives gone if that should ever happen. I don't think these tracks could take 30 or 40 more trains going that speed without a disaster happening. And as it has been stated, the crossings would be blocked with this many trains a day, and an emergency vehicle could not get to the other side at so many crossings. I know a lot of people are asking why we built close houses by a railroad track. Well, most homes were built years ago when only four to six trains pulling maybe a dozen cars used this track. Now there are 10-12 a day, but if Union Pacific uses it, there will be 20-40 more a day. And they are pulling 130-140 cars. Believe me if the situation was like that then, no one would have built a house near the tracks. With the shaking they are doing now, no house would be standing. We're not against railroads, some of our families work at them. It's just that we don't want Union Pacific at these tracks. Let them double track the ones they have and leave Burlington Northern alone. Don't put our lives and our homes in danger. Just let us live in peace with the way things are now.

I live in town and I think that these people who work on a farm, their bosses should have a time machine. Because my husband can't remember the time he got off and his hours don't add up to what his paycheck has typed out on it. It makes you wonder whether they're telling the truth or not.