Speakout 4/17

Monday, April 17, 2006

To the person on the food stamp issue. You stopped what you were doing so you could see exactly what she was spending so you could run and tell somebody. Readers already knew you were mad when you said it 'cause you can't get that stuff. That $342 could have been for the whole month. Don't get mad because that woman knows how to buy food to last throughout the month. She can't go to McDonalds every time her kid is hungry. Maybe she can't get a job because she don't like how she should look or don't know the right people. Mr. Nosey, how do you know she wasn't shopping for someone else with that cash? She got her own cash with that food stamp card she could be spending. Stop hating and quit looking down on other people. Maybe that's why you ain't got nothing. By the way, I do not receive food stamps. And you better be careful watching people like that. If you was to watch me like that, you might get something you don't want to see.

Hey Mike. This is about our immigration problem that is out of hand and never will be corrected. Politicians are letting it happen. Mexicans think we owe them something since we have hundreds of thousands of them in our country. They're illegal. We don't want them here. They are here like fleas. They think we are discriminating against them. If we went to their country and did what they did in ours, it would be execution time. I don't want you here, unless you're legal. We can't afford anymore. We can't do it folks. We're being moved out. Our government has sold us out. Send them back where they belong.

Welfare should come to an end. People need to work. Now, isn't that simple.

I live in New Madrid. They say that in this community people help one another. That is a complete crock. They only help one another if you are in there so called clique. We received some storm damage March 11 in town. I had an oak tree pulled out of the ground and thrown on my house. I am still homeless and three-fourths of the tree and debris is still in my backyard. The very next day city workers were helping homeowners remove fallen small trees and branches from their property. But keep in mind, these were not on any buildings. On Scott Street, a homeowner had his tree removed right away. I have neighbors who haven't even offered a kind word. Neighbors have walked by and given dirty looks like my disaster is upsetting the neighborhood. Red Cross and Salvation Army have helped by putting us in a motel but they can help no more because funds are exhausted. I have no husband or family here. They take it for granted they have family to help them. When I can get on my feet again, I will be leaving this so called close-

knit community and never return. As far as I'm concerned, they can have it.

I have a free dog pen and house to give away if they would be interested. 914 Stanford.

In case of a tornado and power outage what radio station should Sikeston residents tune to for the weather reports?

We checked with Joe Burton, emergency management director of Scott County, and according to him any of the radio stations should be updated with the information. He suggested that a battery powered weather radio should be bought. They range from $25 to $500. Any place that sells electronics has them or they can be ordered online.

It is about time everyone starts doing something about doctors and hospitals. If you go to the doctor it is $60-$120 or more. Usually more. Remember, this is just to see him. If he does anything, that's extra. Why do they even make appointments? You go and sit there for an hour and then go back to a room and sit there for another hour. And then here he comes. Maybe he is the room for two or three minutes, then he says, "Come back in two or three weeks." So now he is going to get you again for another $60-$120. They act like you don't have a life. By the time you pay the doctor bill, lab bill, medicine bill, the day of work you miss, it is more than a lot of people make in a week. Where do they come up with their prices? They must get them out of a hat. If you don't have insurance, they will own you in no time. I was in the hospital twice in Cape. The first bill was $37,000, the second was $30,000. I was in there 32 hours both times. I have a bill that is two and a half pages long. This doesn't count doctor bills, lab, x-ray, or whatever. They say medicine to the highest power, it should read prices to the highest power.

To the single parent with three children that needs help. If you would give me a call at 545-4432, I'll do what I can to help you out.