Speakout 11/15

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So what's going to be the true consequences of rewarding and acquiescing to a deceitful Democrat agenda in concert with a deceptive media who betray and malign traditional core values of America? I think this pretty well sums it up.

Dying to vote

They say, someone dies every so many seconds; as someone is born, every so many seconds. To the voters who voted and did not get their way this election, remember this, people die every day. People die off every year. Maybe those who voted your vote down, maybe it will be their turn to move on before the next election. It may just be the next time you vote, you just might get what you voted for. Everyone has to die, that's the only guarantee in life. Just be appreciative of the life you have while you have it and be respectful of others and their votes, too. Every vote counts. As every opinion does.

I take my kids to the Sikeston Public School field every day to train for their sports. Last week we couldn't believe what we saw when we got there. There was a huge pile of trash in the middle of the track. It covered all of lanes 2 and 3, spilling over into lane 1. Whoever did this should be ashamed of themselves. The renovations to the stadium were needed and are appreciated, at least by my family. The school has been nice enough to keep it open to the public, and I would like to keep it that way. I'm sure the others that use the track agree. I kicked the trash out of lane 1 so my kids could do their mile and 40 yard dash. When we were finished, before we left, we found the gray trash can in the stands and we cleaned up the mess. Yes, the trash can was found up in the bleachers. This was very disrespectful and I ask the responsible party to please not do this anymore. If this keeps up, I promise, we will all lose the privilege to use the field and track.

This is in response to the person that wrote in and said that they work at a doctor's office and that they don't give flu shots to Medicaid children. My son is on Medicaid and he got a flu shot today at the doctor. I don't know where they work, but my pediatrician does give the shots. And by the way, not all people that have Medicaid for their children are lazy. My husband and I both happen to work full time. This is the only assistance that we get but you know it does help tremendously.

I just saw on KFVS TV where a tax increase in Caruthersville did not pass to build a new school. You know, I remember when they were putting the gambling boat down here it was going to work miracles for this area. When you're traveling south on the interstate you see a big bill board for Casino Aztar where they have so many millions of dollars for community development. Why should they have to raise taxes to build a school, when the gambling boat is supposed to be doing so great? We should have one of the most high tech schools in this area. It's hard to see our kids going to school in house trailers when the casino is setting on all those community development funds.