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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Nobody asked me but...with the recent struggles of the Sikeston Bulls in Kitty League action, I have a remedy for their The Bulls have a record of 8-22. I have covered six home games and the Bulls have won all six. I am not saying I am the lucky charm for the Bulls players, but I do get a sense that the guys enjoy 'Shootin the Bull' after games.

* The city of Sikeston has done a nice job with the little league fields out at the Complex. The fields have grass infields which is unheard of in the little league ranks.

Now if the city would get a scoreboard for the girls softball field, the Complex would be complete for excellence.

* With the recent violations unearthed by the NCAA for SEMO's men and women's program, is it time to admit that SEMO runs a dirty program? Anyone remember the Ron Shumate fiasco where the men's program had several major violations?

The recent violations are, compared to the Shumate violations, minor. However, that should not excuse the university. Many complained that the NCAA handbook on violations is thick and tedious with do's and don't's. But doesn't the university have an employee whose main job is compliance?

One final thought, besides his experience in the college ranks, weren't people harping about the fact that Lennies McFerren in his quest for the then head coaching position at SEMO, could not possibly comprehend what he could and could not do in terms of NCAA violations? Me thinks something is quite foul on the Cape.

* Manny Ramirez of the Boston Red Sox has decided that although he was the leading vote getter in the American League, he has rewarded his loyal fans by skipping out on the Major League Baseball All-Star game in Pittsburgh. Ramirez will not only not play in the game, he will not even show to the event.

Since I am solutions oriented here is my take...Ramirez, if injured as explained by the Red Sox organization, should still have the common courtesy to show up, be introduced, tip his cap and sit in the dugout. Instead of making this big of a scene, Ramirez could slip out of the park in the fourth or fifth inning. I have zero problems with that.

However, if a player does not show to the game, that player should be either taken off the All-Star ballot next season or suspended for one week. I like the idea of taking the player off the ballot myself. Supposedly the All-Star game is for the fans. Have the decency to at least show up. All that b.s. in 1995 about winning over the fans after the baseball strike was a sham.

I am sorry if I am about to hurt Johnny or Susie's feelings here, but the majority of professional athletes don't care about the fans. Stop rooting for the back of the jersey and root for the front. Stop saying Albert Pujols or Derek Jeter is your idol. Professional athletes are not role models. Look upon them as an ancient Roman would look upon the gladiators in the Coliseum, there for our amusement, nothing more. The players are interchangeable, not the sport.

* So Danica Patrick of the Indy Racing League is thinking about heading over to the hugely popular NASCAR circuit. My thoughts...SWEET! Just think about the cat fights that will happen when the NASCAR wives and girlfriends tangle with Patrick. In addition, I believe Patrick could take Jeff Gordon if Gordon spins her out like he did Matt Kenseth last weekend. You have to admit, Patrick and Gordon would be an even match size-wise.

And finally, nobody asked me but...if baseball would like to make the All-Star game relevant again, scrap interleague play. Back in the day, players had pride for their particular league. If the National League won, they had bragging rights until the next year.

Not a fan of my proposal, I have one more. United States players versus the World. Could defending honor of country fire up the players? I personally doubt it. You guys have any ideas?

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