Speakout 7-24

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blowing trash

If I understand correctly, there was an ordinance passed for litterbugs in Sikeston. There is a person down here on Indiana Street that blows his trash out into the street and over on his neighbors. To me, that is the same thing as littering the streets. I think it's criminal intentions to trash other people's yards. I would like to know if it's an offense or not. If it's not, I guess everybody is going to start blowing their trash out in the streets. I think he should be reprimanded by letter. Or maybe put it in SpeakOut and he'll have enough gumption to read it.

More trash talk

I would like to speakout about the pet peeve the Mayor of Sikeston has and the comments he made on television complaining about people throwing trash out the windows of cars - gum wrappers. Does he think that all the people of Sikeston have to do is watch traffic and see who is going up and down the street dropping trash? Does he think that's all the police have to do is chase down cars, hoping that they catch the right one? There are bigger problems in Sikeston than throwing gum wrappers on the street. I know some people on Kate Drive who have been trying to get the city to do the right thing about the trash cans sitting in front of the garages and not in front of the duplex. When I moved into the neighborhood, I was told that there could not be trash cans sitting out front, they had to all be inside the garage until the night before the trash pick up. They say there is no city ordinance such as that. Why were we told that? When my mother moved onto this street, and I was with here when she rented the apartment, she was also told the same thing.

Going away for layaway

Wal-Mart does not have a layaway plan anymore. I've called several stores, Alco in Charleston, Fred's in East Prairie and K-Mart at Cape Girardeau. All these stores still have layaway plans. It is my opinion that if we have to go out of town to have layaway, we will also buy other stuff there, like washing supplies and personal hygiene supplies. If you're going to make the trip, you might as well buy all your supplies there. To reinstate the layaway plan, it would benefit the people on a fixed income and minimum wage. We have supported Wal-Mart for years and now it's time for them to return the favor. We prefer to buy in Sikeston, but if we have to, we will go to other towns in order for our children to have a good Christmas this year.

Maybe more, maybe less

I just read in the paper, where there was some pantsuits for sale. I was just wondering, did Hillary Clinton wear them? They might be worth more, maybe less.

Animal rights and wrongs

About six years ago I was involved in a car wreck involving some horses. I had a loose horse on my county road in the past year. I had a loose cow on my road in the past year. Having the accident with the horses has made me sensitive to the problem. I was just wondering why our rural counties do not have an ordinance on how animals are kept, as far as fencing and insurance. Someone dropped off a beautiful police dog about a year and a half ago, wouldn't let anyone come near him. He ended up getting hit. There was nothing I could do about it. When you live in the rural country, these people drop off dogs - I guess because they're too lazy to go to the Humane Society and do the right thing. I feed every stray dog that is left at my house because I love animals. I just wish this area would select a president and from an animals rights group and make sure these animals stay off the road and are not treated inhumanely. I read the collar off the police dog, got the number and called the people. Apparently, it had been lost. I called the commissioner about having an animal control officer for the country. This beautiful dog could have been returned to its owner. Instead, it was a wasted dog life. I still have the collar. It was really disheartening to me for this beautiful animal to be ran over and just left on the side of the road. Scott County needs an animal policy about how animals are treated in the country and how they are kept up.

Who owns the blue house

I want to know who owns the house at 206 Applegate. It's a blue house that has boarded up windows.