SpeakOut 7/25

Friday, July 25, 2008

Getting a leg up before election

I was reading in the paper about the chances of someone being elected president that does not own a pet. I thought it was kind of funny that Obama says he is going to buy his daughters a dog after the election. I would like to predict that he will buy a dog before the election. I was just wondering what the public thought about what kind of dog he will purchase. There has to be a lot of psychology that goes into the purchase of this family pet for a future president. I think it would be funny to have a poll on what kind and what color of dog the future president needs.

One sweet car

This is in response to the What a car that was in SpeakOut. I agree with that caller. That Mustang was one pretty car. It is one nice car. You guys need to feature him in the newspaper. One sweet car!

Come on with it

This is a mom sitting at home for two, almost three years, waiting for her innocent son to come home, which you all locked up claiming he did something he did not do. My question was, how long can they hold a person or keep them locked up in jail before having a trial. Why is it that some people here in the Heartland can commit a crime such as murder and get out on bond and some are told that there is no bond for murder? I want to know what's up with that. Every man was created equal. What we need hear is Jessie Jackson and a few more leaders in this town. You all are trying to lock up all our young men, which is sad. If you've got a case, come on with it.

Nation of whiners

I hope this paper will report that one of McCain's staffers accused America of becoming a "nation of whiners". Yes, this is what the Republican party has to say to those of us who are losing our homes. I hope you all are paying attention and vote to remove them from power.

Another competitor

You also have another local girl going to the High School Rodeo Nationals this year. Katie Patterson of Advance, Mo. plus she was the valedictorian of her 2008 class.

Opened up the Gates

Bill Gates' foundation probably benefits more people in one month than Mother Theresa did in her lifetime. If you want to dislike Mr. Gates, do so because of the operating systems that he has foisted on the world.

Right on-line

Hey, the new online format for the Standard Democrat is great! Big improvement. Thanks.

A big help

Alright, this is in regards to the ad that was in SpeakOut about DAEOC. In the first place, whoever sent this in that said DAEOC did not help them, if they would have noticed that the donation from Wal-Mart was made to the Back-to-school fund. I work at DAEOC. If they could see the list of appointments we made everyday - we do help people. That money just goes so far, okay?

Sending the wrong signal

I don't know if this is a recording or not, but there's people calling me all the time to buy a satellite dish. If I wanted a satellite dish, I would have already had one. I'm not a big television watcher. If I knew it was really a person that was calling, I'd tell him where to put that satellite. I want them to get off my back and leave me alone. They call me at some of the weirdest times - I'm in a mess and got so much to do and everything. I have to hurry up and get to the telephone before somebody hangs up and it's always the satellite. I wish they had those satellites somewhere so that I didn't have to tell them where to put it. Maybe they'll see it in SpeakOut and quit aggravating people so much.

Looking for scripture

There was a dispute in SpeakOut about tattoos about a month ago where people were discussing tattoos being a sin. I've got the scriptures where it says you shouldn't have any markings on your flesh. Someone stated that God had the markings of the King of kings, or something to that effect, on his side or thigh. I was wondering if you could tell me where that is. That was about a month ago in SpeakOut. It had the scripture in there, but I cannot find it