SpeakOut 8-01

Friday, August 1, 2008

Pay for usage

If the city of Sikeston feels like they need to add a surcharge to the trash pick-up service, why don't they make cutbacks on the use of city vehicles by city employees? City vehicles are being used by employees to drive back and forth to work and home and other personal use. I'm sure city officials will say they use the vehicles for business and that they are on call. When is the last time you seen a code enforcement vehicle on an emergency situation? I'm not against fringe benefits, but with fuel prices like they are, I don't like paying for someone else driving back and forth to work or an official using their van furnished by the city going out of town to other states to visit family. I'm sure there are other vehicles that are being used excessively for personal use. Let them at least pay for some of their use! Thank you for your time and space.

Cameras don't lie

This is in regards to the caller that called into SpeakOut July 22 regarding harassment by DPS officers of law abiding citizens. I am a law abiding citizen and I have never been harassed. So what you are stating was not 100 percent true - it was an outright lie! The cameras have caught kids not in the school. It has shown who was the instigator and settled the issue once and for all. One girl was charged and was convicted once she saw the video and decided to plead guilty. There was no vote needed for that. The schools and DPS work together. That's the way it needs to be to stop the school shootings. As far as the street cameras, hey, they could put one in my yard. I would be glad. That way if somebody broke into my house I would know who did it, they would be prosecuted, convicted and sent to jail. Drug dealers have been caught with them cameras. People that were convicted felons were caught with weapons with they had not been caught with before. There was no way the lawyer could get around the evidence and he told them to plead guilty. Out there on Salcedo Road, there were people out there who were dealing drugs were caught. They were sentenced. I'm tired of this racial crap with you guys. Everybody needs to work together instead of working against it. You must have something to hide or else you wouldn't hide behind SpeakOut.

Go quietly, please

Mike, you and other students of the Limbaugh School of Excuses and Blame can claim unfairness all you want, but you are mistaken when you whine about McCain not getting equal time from the press. I saw just as much of John McCain and his message this week as I did of Barack Obama. I know all of McCain's positions on all subjects. He's had more than enough opportunities to state his message. He's just not a good messenger. When he does get the microphone, he sounds like a robo-call as he spouts the party line: "The surge is working, the surge is working. I was right, I was right." McCain is stilted and over-rehearsed. He's Joyless John. He's boring, uninspiring and inarticulate. Obama is a better candidate. He's interesting and smart. Americans and people from all over the world are excited by him and his new ideas. And that's why he's doing so much better in the press, not because of some left-wing conspiracy. Republicans have had a long run for many years, undeservedly. We've had enough. Soon it'll be time for you to go, quietly, please.

Holy smoke, Brettman

I have known "Brettman" since 1976. He has collected Batman stuff since before I knew him. It is a shame the things he lost in a fire.

Dog gone

You probably won't print this because I've tried several times. I'm a favorite subscriber of Democrat SpeakOut. It was about my little black dog - her name was Angel. I gave her away a couple of years ago because I couldn't find a home for me and my mentally challenged daughter. I gave her to a lady in Sikeston. About a year later I heard she was trying to get back with her husband. I went back to get her. The lady said she had took the dog to a shelter, but I heard the man had took a gun and shot the dog in the head. This has broken my heart and given me nightmares. I loved my dog. I just want this lady to level with me. I want the complete truth so my heart can be at rest. All I want is the truth.

Wrong but better

Obama is a sheep in wolf's clothing. He just says whatever is needed in whatever the case may be. He said the surge was wrong, yet things are better in Iraq. Then he said the surge was needed in Afghanistan. Well, why? Russia couldn't win there. Talks about the millions of dollars spent in Iraq, yet he wants to spend millions of dollars in Afghanistan where there is no win possible. Maybe I'm stupid, but what's the difference in spending millions of dollars in Afghanistan than Iraq? The terrain is impossible to work in or fight a war in. This guy has no idea of what is going on. What's the difference in stopping Al-Qaeda in Iraq or Afghanistan? He's mumbling. Obama knows nothing.