SpeakOut 8-03

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Count the times

I totally agree with the editorial in the July 23 paper concerning media favoritism toward Obama. I ask you, in all honestly, count any newscast you watch on national television and see how many times his name is mentioned. By the same token, count how many times Senator McCain's name is mentioned. This will absolutely blow your mind.

Invasion of privacy

In response to this fellow regarding my speakout concerning Sikeston DPS bullying and harassing law abiding citizens: Dear sir, I am a God fearing man and everything that I have stated in my speakout is 100 percent true and accurate. I have very many instances at my disposal to prove every word that I have spoken. You are completely misguided in your thinking my friend; just because you have never been harassed, do you think that proves that no one else has? I do not deny the fact that the police cameras have probably caught criminals; however, you state that you yourself would not mind having one in your front yard. Do you understand that these cameras can zoom in so close as to count the buttons on your shirt? How would you feel if the wrong person was operating this hypothetical camera in your front yard watching your wife or daughter change through the window? I have heavily researched this issue regarding what I had said about voting on the cameras. Sir you are correct, voting is not necessary for the placement of these cameras, and honestly it scares me that this can be done with zero input from the citizens of Sikeston. It is a clear, defiant, and unfortunately a possibly somewhat-legal invasion of personal privacy. Why is it necessary that the police force have so much involvement with the public schools? There has never been a school shooting here and trust me, cameras would do little or nothing to stop this if it were inevitably going to happen. How about putting God back in the schools instead of policing it like a prison yard? Also, I do not understand what in the world you are talking about by saying this is a racial thing; that is ridiculous, unfounded, irrelevant and clearly it is not. Sir, what do you mean by saying that I have something to hide? Is not the point of SpeakOut to disclose and address concerns instead of hiding behind them? Leave me your number -- I'll give you a call and we'll talk, unless you yourself have something to hide. To this misguided individual lacking factual information and to the rest of my friends in Sikeston -- have a wonderful day and God bless you all.

Offering hope

Mike, in response to your editorial, the reason the media is focusing on Obama is because he's interesting, he offers us hope. John McCain has caved to the Republican elitists. He is no longer the John McCain us moderates knew and loved years ago. So quit winning or I'm going to sic Phil Graham on you.

Spreading cheer

No matter how bad a day I am having, I can read David Jenkins' articles and it will put a smile on my face. Thank you David.

The cat saga continues

For the person who wrote the comment on Scat Cat. Be sure you know what you are talking about before you open your mouth. If sun on my porch was all they did, I would welcome them. No. 1 - They have ruined two sets of chair cushions. No. 2 - They urinate on my porch and glass door. No. 3 - They carry us greasy bones on my carport. I started to prayer meeting on Thursday morning and went I went to get in my car they had sprayed it and walked all over it. Plus, there in the corner of my carport was a mother cat and five kittens. The next morning a dead kitten was on the carport for someone to dispose of. I've had it!