SpeakOut 8-06

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Get canned

I'm calling in regard to the mayor of Sikeston. He is on KFVS complaining about the people throwing trash out of their cars. I agree that people should not throw trash out on our streets but I do feel that he, the mayor, also to get the people to put their trash cans out of sight of the public. We drive down the streets and the trash cans sit in front of the apartments, the duplexes and the homes. It looks like a bunch of rednecks have moved in. People should care how things look around their home. But I do know that some people don't care and some are just too lazy to put their trash cans in the back or in their garages. Dogs are loose in this town but when the city is called, the answer that you get is that they can't do anything about it unless they catch the dogs out themselves. In a way I can understand what they say but after cleaning up these dog messes around the home you get tired of the reason they city can't pick up the dog. The mayor and city council need to make ordinances that the trash cans need to be put out of sight and after two warnings, the dog owners are given tickets or removed from the premises.

The Bible and politics

The Church of God in Christ in this area has endorsed Barack Obama for president. It doesn't matter that he is pro-abortion, the murder of unborn babies. It doesn't matter that he is pro-homosexual rights. It doesn't matter that he is against traditional Christian moral values. All that matters is that he is black and he is the first black American to have a major party nomination for president. Isaiah 5:20 says: " Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil, that put darkness for light and light for darkness. That put bitter for sweet and sweet bitter." Proverbs 24: 122 says "My son fear thou the lord and the king and mettle not with them that are given to change for their calamity shall rise suddenly and who know the ruin of them both." Wake up America. Neither Republican nor Democrat parties have a good candidate for president. Don't vote for either one. I just can't imagine any Christian voting for Obama. At least vote for somebody that believes in moral values. Come on. What is more important? Your pocketbook and government socialism or moral values and the Constitution? To black America, the Democratic party has hoodwinked you. To the religious right, the Republican party has left you after Reagan left office. America wake up!

Give me a line

What happen to the city of Sikeston's plan to put a center line down Ables Road? It is really needed.

It has been delayed because a grant was submitted in conjunction with the school system to hopefully be able to connect the high school campus and S.E. Elementary with sidewalks. The city is waiting to receive notification before any improvements are made.