SpeakOut 10-01

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Solution to the problem

Republicans had finally convinced us that government was the problem, not the solution. Up until last week - that's when we learned the hard way that government can be the solution and that Democrats are better at governing.

An eye opener

For all of us who live in fear that welfare mothers and the disabled are taking all our money, we sure had our eyes opened this week about where the serious money is really being stolen. Corporate welfare has trumped alms for the poor to the point of absurdity.

Generic term

I don't ever want to hear Jensen and his buddies carping about Democrats being socialists, not after we see what Mack Daddy Socialist of All Time George Bush has cost us taxpayers - one trillion dollars. Whoa, how's that for privatizing gains and socializing losses. Today, Republican has become the generic term for socialist.

Economy erosion

I'm offended by scam artists who prey on the real fears of real people and pretend that getting more oil to market, even in 10 years, will do anything but prolong our sick and destructive dependence on petroleum products, further erode the American economy and hurt working people more than anybody else.

Laughing all the way to the bank

My fellow Americans, remember a short time ago when Bush wanted to privatize Social Security and all the money in the stock market? If he would have been successful, we would have been up a creek without a paddle and Bush would have been on his way to Texas with all this special interest money. And saying to everyone, "I did it again to those dumb sob's."

More babies, more money

In regards to the Sex denial in the Sept. 21 paper. You don't understand, these girls are doing this on purpose. They know how to keep from having babies. They want to have babies 'cause they can draw more welfare that way.

Over the top

I'm calling about a house that's out on Harlene Drive. It's been empty for about two years. No one comes out and cleans the yard up. It's grown up to the top of the house almost. I think whoever owns it ought to be responsible for coming out and cleaning it up.

What a life

The number of SpeakOut comments one submits is indirectly proportional to the life one has.