SpeakOut 10-06

Monday, October 6, 2008

In God we trust

To the gentleman that I spoke with at the post office who told me to look on the Internet about negative things on the presidential candidate. First of all, this is not intended to be a jab at you, whatever, I still love you. Second of all, I don't do Internet but would like to issue this challenge to you. I will check out what you say is written there if you will check out what's written in the Bible. You see we cannot allow ourselves to manipulated by what a man has written on the computer and trust it for truth. But we can however always without fail trust what the Lord God Almighty has recorded and prophesied in His Word. It's the only thing we can totally trust. We don't have to try and figure out how we feel about a subject, just check out what God says - it works. People are so concerned about their finances and this election, including me. But you see, I choose to trust the Lord with my money, not the government. He provides all my needs, not Washington. If a candidate, Republican or Democrat, aligns him or herself with the moral issues in accordance with God's Holy Word, he or she has my vote. God bless you.

Poor, white Democrat

I'm a white person, I'm a poor person and I'm a Democrat. If Mike Jensen and rich people had their way, it would be all Republicans, no Democrats and no poor people in here. They believe in keeping up with the Jones's - don't worry about what the Bible says.

Undercover witness

I'm calling in regards to Bedspread with a blessing. If this event happened on a Saturday, Sept. 20, I can describe the car and the two people who did it. Put something else in SpeakOut if you want to press charges. I would be more than happy to go to court who I saw. I can point out the people and the car.

Parental odds

I get the Sunday Cape paper and it has the Scott County Signal in it. I was reading the births last week in the paper. Five of them listed a mother and a father. If you would have read the same article in the Democrat for the Charleston or Mississippi County paper, you might have had one. What a difference 20 miles makes!

Help on the way

I am concerned about the woman who repeatedly requests help in seeking dental care for her disabled child. I realize SpeakOut may not be the best forum, but I am still moved by her plea. I am on a fixed income, but I want to help. On her behalf, I will send a check for $65 to any dentist willing to initiate care. I just need the name and address of the dentist and a first name or identifying code to make sure the account is properly credited. I wish to remain anonymous and respect the privacy of those in need of help. I realize $65 is not enough, but it is a start. And it begins and ends with you and me.

Speaking out on a limb

Why is it that the city of Sikeston won't do what all the other towns around here are doing to clean up after the storm we've had? Other places are sending city trucks around to pick up limbs and debris. The people have picked out of their yards in an effort to keep our city clean. Not everyone has access to a truck to carry this stuff off. On television they showed how Cape, Jackson, Charleston and other cities are all sending their city trucks around to pick that stuff up. What's the problem with Sikeston? If people are willing to get it to the curb, why can't they pick it up for us?

Since the wind storm, city crews have manned the compost site daily. To date, well over 1,000 loads of debris have been brought to the site by residents. In addition, city crews have been busy cleaning the city parks of wind damage. Over the last couple of weeks, city crews have been taking storm debris from the curbsides of properties. Unfortunately, they have not been able to get every neighborhood, however, they hope to get the town covered as soon as possible. Should you have any questions, please contact the Department of Public Works 471-2512.

Where's the laws

Where can you find out the laws governed and passed in the City of Sikeston? As for I know they can be found somewhere. I appreciate if you could get this information and display it in the paper.

There is a municipal code book on file at the library.

Take out the "R"

To the person who called in and said all Democrats were nothing but murderers and liars and everything else you can name in the paper. Let me tell you something, I'm a Democrat. I'm against gays and I'm against abortion. I know Republicans that when their daughter got pregnant, they ran and got her an abortion. At least I'm not a hypocrite. I wish they would stop abortion. I wish they would not allow gays. I wish they would not allow people to change their sex so boys can have babies now. I wish they would stop the prostitution. We've got more going on with this country than being concerned about gays and abortion. I just wish they would take the "R" out. R stands for rape, rudeness and rip-off.

Burn barrel

Could someone tell me where I might be an open-end burn barrel?

Gay by nature

As a gay resident that is a college educated, professional person in Sikeston, I would like to respond to the Monday, Sept. 22 comment "Click." First of all, I'm a Christian that attends church regularly. Second, I was born this way so by nature, I am gay. As for the caller who made the statement about Obama being sorry for supporting gay marriages, I sure hope he doesn't have children or grandchildren that someday might grow up to be gay. If that were to happen, you may have to chose between your warped beliefs or your child and grandchild. It's a shame that you didn't have all the facts when you made the statement, because I do believe that McCain's statement was that marriage is between a man and woman, but gay people should be able to have some sort of ceremony. You should be careful about what stones you throw, because what goes around will come around.

Toodles to Topix

In response to No more Topix - well said. Let's get rid of Topix. It's just a place for one person to bash another person and most of the time, you don't even know what you're talking about or who you're talking about.

Wants to off the record

I wondered if there was anyone in this area that buys 33 or 45 records. I have several I'd like to get rid of.

Socking it to soccer league

Someone told me they were at the last soccer meeting and found out there are thousands in the bank. Why can't we get some benches put on the fields, like Cape, so our kids don't have to sit on the ground? Also, how come someone can't be paid to stripe all of the fields, instead of parent's doing it. The parents manning the concession stand is one thing, but striping is another. Are you kidding me? I'm all for volunteers and helping out, because without them, a lot wouldn't get done. I volunteer also, but if possible, it doesn't hurt to try and make things a little easier on everyone by hiring someone who has the extra time.

- - -

If the soccer league has as much money, as I was told by someone (who attended the meeting and saw a statement) then they should provide trophies for the Smurf division and 1st/2nd grade division at the end of the year for participation. At that age, kids still expect something and I don't think it is right to expect the coaches to spend their own money when there is money in the bank.