SpeakOut 10-23

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bulldog football

Thanks for the excitement, the effort, and the class. Watching Sikeston Football this year, has been a lot of fun, currently 4-4, I like what I see. The thing you like to think of when you think of a class football, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, track, band or educational program is character. Sikeston's Football Bulldogs have once more brought class to the gridiron. Good effort, hard play and hustle and character on the field, it is a great thing to witness. I like the way Coach Gibbs, has brought a no-nonsense air to the team. Want to be a problem child? Take it down the road, because here we are building a football program not a day care facility. The JV team has only one loss, the Freshman team has had its up and downs, but have bright spots as well. The 8th grade team has played lights out. The 7th graders have also had a good start. What a great step we have taken this year. The future of Bulldog Football looks bright looking ahead to playing another district game this week with Poplar Bluff. We have a lot left to play for. Best of luck to you all Bulldogs and thanks for letting us have something to cheer about and thanks for showing us you never quit. Sikeston is proud of you all. Here's a challenge for you Bulldog fans. Let's sell out Public School Stadium this Friday night and help these young men bring home a win. Go Dawgs!

Practice what you preach

This is for the contributor listed under Revelation for idiots (10/13) who seems to be knowledgeable of history and the Bible. However, I question his patience and understanding with others whom may not be as intelligent or knowledgeable as he/she is, since he/she refers to those whom he/she disagrees as idiots. Not what one would expect from a Christ follower, if he/she happens to be one. The definition of the antichrist may be found in the First Letter of John, Chapter 2, verse 22: "It is the man who denies Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist he denies the Father and the Son." (NIV) The beast is mentioned in Revelation 13 and since he blasphemes God and slanders His name he could be considered the antichrist John refers to in his First Letter. I don't believe George Bush fits the description as the antichrist as he is a professed Christian. Questions could arise about Mr. Obama's religion since he spent 20 years in a church lacking a few of the Christ-like attributes such as 'love one another' and forgiveness. Maybe the contributor, if he/she is a Christ follower, should spend a little time studying and practicing what Jesus teaches in Luke 6:37-38 and 41-45.

Decent men with different policies

This is directed at the hopefully small Deliverance country segment of the Standard Democrat readership. Barack Obama is not an Arab Muslim terrorist. His brother is not a terrorist. He is not a communist or socialist. He believes strongly in representative democracy and capitalism although, when it comes to the latter, he does believe the GOP has allowed the market to get out of control and that tougher rules and regulations are necessary. He is, as John McCain said, "...a decent family man with whom I (McCain) have policy differences." In fact, he is a very gifted person who has the charisma and leadership qualities to turn around what many believe (perhaps wrongly) to be a sinking ship of state.

Factless and tactless

Judy Turner's hate filled, factless and tactless attack on Barack Obama wrongly reinforces the view that the area served by the Standard Democrat is populated by nincompoopish know nothings. We are much better than Turner's terrible barrage would lead one to believe. This lady has it down to the T. I just don't understand how people can be a party to electing this man who is too smooth, too everything - including the fact that he couldn't meet the criteria to be in any security position because of his prior activities and those he has associated with and people still want him as our next president. Please people, understand what CHANGE stands for and DON'T vote for Obama. I could care what color his skin is, it is what is inside his mind and heart that upsets me. I vote for the person and their intentions of making this a better USA, not for someone who approves abortions, early and late term, removal of God from our country and many more things I don't agree with him on.

Paid to vote

How can Americans fall for Obama's lie that 95 percent of Americans will get a "tax cut." It's not a "tax cut" - it's a $500 payment for your vote for 40 percent of working Americans who pay no income taxes! They have it deducted from their weekly paycheck, to be refunded to them each January or February as "earned income credit." That money comes right out of the paychecks of the other 60 percent of workers who have it taken from them without their consent, and given to these 40 percent. Now Obama's going to give 'em another $500 bonus for each vote. That's the ultimate voter fraud issue that should be rejected by at least 60 percent of you voters if you had any sense of right and wrong, or just plain common sense. On top of that 40 percent of workers Obama's going to give his $500 bribe to social services employees, and its program beneficiaries, who pay no income tax at all. The dinner bell rings louder, than the Liberty Bell in this election if polls are to be believed. But the poll on Nov. 4th is the ultimate poll and the only one that will decide our fate. It's time to wake up America! Stop the Democrat party from cementing your future in bondage by buying votes from the takers and fakers in order to enslave you workers and producers with workers and producers own money. Get a clue! Vote against Obama-Biden on Nov. 4th. The alarm bell that once rang declaring independence, and vibrated throughout this nation for over 200 years, is now being silenced by this Obamanation faction. It has broken us up, divided us, and we no longer resonate in a unified body, thanks to the Barrack Hussein Obama/Jeremiah Wright brand of hateful divisiveness that has taken us over. Do not accept this. Vote against Obama-Biden.

Getting your share

If you have a job, you are paid. If you are paid, you are taxed. What you actually get to take home is what is left after the government takes its share of what you earned. If you are one of these people I recommend you vote McCain/Palin. They both truly believe that it would be healthier for our currently struggling economy to let you keep more of the money you earn and decide what to do with it yourself. If you do not pay taxes and believe that your needs should be taken care of anyway, you should probably vote Hussein/Biden. They are claiming they will take care of everyone's needs. Of course, only those who pay taxes need to be concerned about how Barry (aka Barack) is going to do that. What happened on 9/11/01 awakened and unified the American people. The American media rapidly lulled them back to sleep. If B. Hussein Obama becomes the next president it will wake them up again. But it will be too late.

An Obama nation

"Every government interference in the economy consists of giving an unearned benefit, extorted by force, to some at the expense of others." This is the foundation of socialist communism. This is the philosophy being promoted by Democrats in this campaign in their rampage to power. Obama is their charismatic messiah - the only one who can stop them is you on November 4th. Please wake up. Take a stand. Help save yourself, your family and your country from the impending misery and disaster of an Obamanation.

Not the way to go

Dear Mr. McMillan: How exactly do community organizers "bully" powerful financial institutions into doing something they don't want to do? Were you there? Did you witness this? Have you examined these "books" that were "cooked?" Or are those statements just an amalgamation of other articles you found on aggressive conservative Web sites? Both Democrats and Republicans are responsible for this mess. If they weren't complicit in the wrongdoing, they were complicit in the lack of oversight. If you are interested in promoting Republicans, invoking the Enron scandal is not the way to go. "Advance socialism?" "Communist takeover?" "Marxist?" This sort of divisive, inflammatory rhetoric is tearing our country apart. Maybe if we behave like adults and have rational discussion and inquiry, we might get this thing solved no matter who is elected.-- Native of Chaffee, Neither Republican nor Democrat

Sorry dude

On why I won't vote for Obama - because I really believe this man is dangerous and yes, I personally believe he may well be the Antichrist .. cause he sure hates Christians and says he won't even take the Pledge of Allegiance. Sorry dude, you just bought a vote for the opposition if I wasn't already voting that way.

In a fix

Is there any auto mechanic around that would take my car and try to fix it? Not by relying on a machine to tell them but by relying on there eyes, touch and experience to find the problem. Also to listen to me to tell them what problems I am having. I bought this car new in 2004 and have been the only driver since, so I know what its doing. Please put your number here and I promise I will call you back. Thanks!