Letter to the Editor

Your View: Eight years enough

Friday, October 24, 2008

To the Editor:

My fellow veterans, once again we're called upon to defend our freedom! The battle is for the rights we have all fought for! I'm a disabled veteran and get all of my healthcare through the VA.

We all know it could be a lot better with the proper funding it deserves. After all, we veterans deserve the best care possible. It's our right after serving our country and sometimes risking our lives! We shouldn't have to beg for it.

We send money overseas to help others, but ignore our own people. Around the world, we used to be thought of as "The Beacon of Hope." Now, we're "The Beacon of Nope!" Because of the actions of the current administration, we have lost the world's respect.

If Barack Obama is elected, he will help us get that respect back. Don't you think eight years is enough? Do you really want four more years of this? Vote for Barack Obama if you want to set things right!

May God bless us all!

Glenn Hartwick
Sikeston, MO