SpeakOut 10-24

Friday, October 24, 2008

Mole spray

If there is anyone out there who can get rid of moles by spraying my yard, will you please put your number in SpeakOut and I will call you.

Not ready

I don't think Obama is ready to be president, he's too educated and he don't have common sense. With such a big percentage of people not paying taxes, that's the reason we're in the shape we are today. We don't need him in the White House, not that I have anything against him. But I tell you right now, there's too many people that's not working. Bush didn't cause all these jobs to go overseas. Look at Stoddard County. How many of their jobs went overseas when Clinton was in? The way he talks he's just gonna give money and make jobs. You know that's not so. And look what he's involved in - went to church for 20 years and didn't know the preacher hated the United States and talk like he did about America? Obama ought to have on a uniform and be over there in Iraq. Then he said he was gonna bring all the boys home, and then turned around and said he was gonna send them to another country over there to fight. We'll get more boys killed in that country than we've had in Iraq. I don't know what he's talking about. He talks one way and then he talks another way. People better stop and think who they're voting for - someone that was in prison for five years and knows all this stuff that went on. All them countries will know that McCain knows what went on and they'll be scared of him just like they was Eisenhower. We haven't had a bomb dropped on us since 9/11 and I'm afraid if Obama get in there, the next thing we know, we'll be having bombs dropped on us. Russia is going right around the coast now with their ships and things. Russia is the one we need to watch worse than any.

Think twice about voting

You better think twice about electing Obama. If he's elected president, he don't claim to put his hand on the Bible. He won't salute the flag, he won't wear a pin or nothing like that. He's not much of an American citizen. I think he's a nice person to see on television, but we don't need him as president.

Wake up Democrats

I have been wanting to call for sometime and I can't stand not to voice how I feel about this upcoming election any longer. It is time that I as a Republican, and everybody else, to stand up for what we believe in. I believe that if the Democrats are stupid enough and ignorant enough to vote in the candidates Barack Osama and Joe Bin Laden to be president and vice president, something is wrong. They're blinded, they're deceived, they don't want to know and accept who Barack Osama has been involved with and affiliated with, and our country will be headed for dangerous times that we have not seen in our lifetime. Tonight as I read a few things, it is time that the Democrats wake up and see that Barack Osama did go to Kenya to help his brother, who is a Muslim, turn it into a Muslim state. It's true. Look at Bill Ayers, who he has associated himself with. Look at what kind of person he is and what he stands for. It's well known that he is a terrorist. You better wake up Democrats, you better wake up. You are not going to win. I don't think God will allow this.

Sorry, Mr. President

I'm very sorry for all the blame that President George Bush has had to take with people saying that it's all his fault where our country is and the economical mess. It is not the president that does the spending, it's the Democratic Congress. Barack Osama has been a big contributor to ACORN and look what ACORN has done and what it stands for. I pray for all the people who have spoken against our president. I believe he has served our country with all that he has that within him. He may have made some mistakes, but he hasn't done them intentionally.

Like it or not

Barack Obama is going to be president whether you like it or not. And by the way, the antichrist was president from 1980-1988. It was Ronald Reagan.

Not proud to be a voter

This is the first time that I'm not proud to be a voter. I know this is something we have the freedom to do, as is going to church. As I pondered this and read through my Bible, I can't see how many so people profess to be Christians want to hurt and jump on a band wagon and slander each other. Why do we do this? I remember when we were told we could no longer read our Bibles in school, and that was never meant to be. We are one nation under God people. Why can't we not get on our knees and pray and quit calling SpeakOut and slamming people?

Anytime, anyplace

This is in response to the article that was in Your view on Oct. 13. In her editorial she stated that nobody wanted to debate her or talk about Obama. I'm willing to debate her anywhere, anytime, anyplace. If she would like to leave her name and number in the paper, I WILL get in contact with her.

Start packing

All across the Obama Nation. folks worry about mass deportation, because they did not feel their pain, and voted for one, John McCain.

Turner to Turkey

Istanbul is a lovely city. Judy Turner's failed effort to intimidate, frighten and manipulate us into voting for McCain over Obama will go down in history as the most ineffective effort to affect American public opinion in the history of U.S. politics. However, President Obama will not, I repeat, will not punish Turner by deporting her to Timbuktu. Rather, Turner will be sent to Turkey.

All are stars

I would like to comment on the Sikeston Youth Soccer. I realize that there are parents who get more involved than others and volunteer to do more. Most of them are the parents of the children who will make all-stars or are already on the traveling team. Don't get me wrong, there are several of these children that deserve to be on these teams. But in the same sense there are several who may not, although it always seems to be the same ones. One thing you can count on is three-fourths of the kids will be coaches' kids whether they play well or not. It is sad that some of these children who try really hard never get a opportunity. You would think that we would learn by now.

Just perfect

Obama! the American socialists' perfect candidate - half honkey, ALL donkey!

Looking for an escape valve

One of the amazing things about this election is that there are so many people out there who are eager to vote for Obama who are very concerned about their jobs ... and yet Obama is by far the greater threat to their job security than McCain, in spite of Obama's rhetoric. Sure he has the focus group tested narrative. Sure, he has celebrity worship and mass hysteria behind him. But take a deep breath and let us reason together for just a minute. Just two examples. 1. Obama wants to raise taxes on the very people who we depend on for 70 percent of existing jobs and 80 percent of new jobs. Small business. Obama hides these tax increases behind his class warfare rhetoric saying that he is only going to raise taxes on people who make over $250,000 a year. The problem with that is most of America's small businessmen and women fall smack dab into this territory. They run a small business, they employ several people, and they report all of their business income on their personal tax returns. Just what do you think happens when their taxes go up? Do they take the hit themselves? Not if they can help it, they don't. They look for ways to cut businesses expenses to compensate for the tax increase. Well, guess what? You're a business expense. Good luck with that. Do you think a deceptive $3,000 tax credit (for the first year only) is a realistic incentive for hiring an employee who will cost that business 5 times that amount and more per year? Do you think that $3,000 offsets the increase in that business' new tax hike? How can you know? How can you be so sure of it that it would buy your vote? How can it even be proposed by an intelligent rational honest person as incentive or an offset of your added tax hike or your added business expense that Obama says he'll force through, when in order to get it you're going to have to incur 5 times that amount in business expense in order to get it (for one year only) and after that nothing? How can that spur the economy? Every business is dependent upon a buyer to buy their service or their product in order to recoup their business expenses and make a profit. That's way it's a business. Do you think Obama's going to turn every business into a non-profit charity by his charisma? What incentive will a business' clients/customers/buyers have to buy from them when they will have to raise their selling price in order to offset Obama's forced increase in business expenses in order to keep their balance sheet in balance? 2. In addition to that job killer, Obama will force upon small business (again 70-80 percent of American employers) a plan to eliminate secret ballots in union elections. How do you think that will affect a small business in additional operating expenses? And democrats are pushing to have full democrats of all branches of government. The full Democrat Congress is ready to slam dunk all of this into law. .

Good things

On the story "Living his dream: Boyd works to establish career" Excellent reporting and good luck Neal.

Enough already

I read SpeakOut and see all this mud slinging and political garbage that people are sending in. Do you people think we don't get enough of this %^$# on TV without having it in this column too? The election cannot get over soon enough for me so you morons can move on to a different subject!