SpeakOut 11-03

Monday, November 3, 2008

No campaigning at the polls

In answer to a recent SpeakOut about wearing campaign material in the polling place - Missouri law prohibits anyone from bringing campaign material into the polling place (Sec. 115.637.18). This includes campaign material that might be worn (hats, buttons, shirts, etc.). Voters who have such material are asked to leave the items outside the polling place, or to cover their campaign-related attire while they are in the polling place. The prohibition against campaign material has been in place a number of years, and covers the spaces in the building where the polling place is located and out to 25 feet from the outside door.

Suits you right

You people better wake up. Barack Obama is very deceiving. Have you all noticed that he hates the American flag and what it stands for so much that he takes off his suit coat to keep from wearing our flag that represents our country? That's how much he hates our country, and his wife hates our country even more.

Stop and think

Everybody that votes Nov. 4 better stop and think. They took the prayer out of schools and look what happened. We've got drugs in school, kids don't mind like they used to, they've shot kids in school and everything else by taking prayer out of school. Now you better stop and think when you vote who you are voting for. No matter what politics it is, the guy that is running for president won't put his hand on the Bible if he's elected and sworn in. He won't salute the American flag. So what else are we going to get taken out of the government and everything - the Bible and prayer just like in school? I'm not against him in no way, shape or form, but I think we should stop and think when we vote. If we are a Christian and go to church or if we're a Christian and don't go to church, we better stop and think. We need the Lord in the United States of America. If you don't put your hand on the Bible when you are sworn in as president, what are you going to do?

Freedom from a Republican

I don't understand why blacks vote Democrat. It was a Republican president that gave them their freedom - Abraham Lincoln. Martin Luther King Jr. is their hero. People need to open their eyes before it's too late. Vote McCain.

Spending lies

I'm sure Bush and Cheney spent some more of our taxpayer's money that we really don't have when Mr. Cheney came to Cape Girardeau to electioneer. It would probably shock us if we really knew how much. I'm sure they won't tell us, and if they did, it would most likely be another lie.

Worst president in history

Thank the good Lord we only have about two months more to put up with Bush. He is just like the other irresponsible citizen, "It's not my fault." He blames everything on Clinton except the budget surplus he inherited. Other than that, everything was Clinton's fault. Then why hasn't he corrected at least some of them in the last 7 1/2 years? I always heard that no one was above the law. It seems to be everyone except Bush and whoever he chooses. He has abused his power ever since he's got in. I believe if most people were to ignore subpoena, they would most likely be in jail. Not George. He just says he has executive power and Congress does not have enough guts to push it. I just heard where our credit limit is $5 trillion or something when he took office, which is a lie, and now is around $11 something. And he is a Conservative? Ha. Ha. The only truthful statement I have ever heard him make is that our economic condition was in a crisis. Other than that, I don't know of a single other statements he's made that wasn't a lie. He well deserves the legacy he will no doubt receive, which I believe will the worst president in history. I can only hope someone is smart enough and has the desire to fix all of his cocky mistakes. He thinks he is so smart it would be impossible for him to be wrong.

Election violation

This is for the person that found out that the Democratic sign was in a teacher's room at the Kindergarten Center. You may turn this in as an election violation to Secretary of State's office, Robin Carnahan. The number is 1-866-223-6535. This complaint must be turned in by 30 days after the election. Good luck 'cause Carnahan is a Democrat.


Being a leader means actually being able to make a decision. Mr. Obama has voted "present" 291 times in the Senate. That is like working less than 2/3 of the year. That means he cannot make a decision on how to vote so he just don't vote. I can only imagine how he would handle the every minute decisions in the White House. Maybe it would be like he did his racist church for 20 years (that he don't believe in) just walk out. Of course I'm sure he'll go back to that church after the election because you don't stay in a church for 20 years that you don't believe in. And to the lady in "Your view" - it don't matter how much money you make you better get ready to dole it out because your man is going to spread the wealth around. That means if you have worked hard for years to make a business grow or took college courses to upgrade in your career you are going to be punished for it by being taxed more to give to others who choose not to work. I only wish it could be those who vote for him and not the rest of us that he does that to.

Palin pain

Someone was talking on television about Sarah Palin spending all of this money on clothes. Most of us people can't even afford food and medicine - makes me sick! I wouldn't vote for her and McCain if they were the last persons on earth. He lied about Joe the Plumber. Every time you turn the TV on that's all you hear about is Joe the Plumber, something stupid. We just turn the channel and don't even listen to him. Palin is a fake and needs to be in jail for what she did to her brother-in-law. A lot of people can't afford a home or a roof over their head and she's spending all this money on clothes. I would really be ashamed if I were here. Why is she so special? It would really tickle me if she had to go to jail. It would get her &*# off of television.

Taxes and insurance

If McCain and Palin get elected, you'll have more money on your check. I'd rather have Obama and pay a little more taxes out of my check and have health insurance.

Remember 1972

You religious people remember 1972. George McGovern was the antichrist. How can you say Obama is when McGovern was? Jesus Christ is number one. He was for the people and was a very compassionate man.

A big joke

This is about the election we are having this year. I have never in my life seen such a travesty that is going on like this election. America please, wake up. If you can't do anything else, go back and read in Esther where a nation of people were fixing to be destroyed because that's what's happening here. I won't even watch TV anymore because it's a joke, it's sick. What do we have? We have a man that can't even produce a birth certificate, can't even prove he's a U.S. citizen. And we're going to let him become president? And on the other hand, we have a Republican party that is backing a woman that has no idea what she's doing. You can tell McCain is not well. Either way we go, we're a joke. Other countries are laughing at us from what we have become. A nation that intended to be so great has become a joke. For the love of Jesus, do not sit back on your haunches and do like what you've done so often - just let it go. People, it's time to wake up. If you think God cannot change the outcome of all of this in three days, you're wrong. I beseech you to please pray for this nation. If you don't there is going to come a time like we have never seen since the beginning of time.

Just doesn't seem Christian

I guess you can say all Church of Christ is a Muslim Church then. Because, Obama was saved and baptized in a Church of Christ. Before then, he was going to a Baptist church, but later become a member of Church of Christ. All you people that been lying and slandering this man, it just don't seem Christian to me (or claiming to be Christian).

In the funnies

Ok, as the cartoon I read today put it - Obama raised 150 million in the last month for his campaign under the Obama doctrine. Someone comes along and says, "Great job Barry, you raised 150 million this month for your presidential campaign." "Thank you, thank you," Barry replies. "It IS a record you know." "Yes yes, Barry, we know. Well thanks, we'll be taking that money and giving it to John McCain.? "WHAT," Obama screams. "THAT is MY money. I worked HARD to earn that!" "Oh yes yes, we know. But you see, John McCain does not have as much as you, so we're just gonna make it a little more fair." "Not so much fun when YOUR wealth is getting "spread" around is Barry?"

Confused and kooky

Muslims are a people. The religion of many Muslims is Islam. Anti-Obama critics who deem him a Muslim in religion are confused and cockeyed, kooky, unChristian Fascists.

Then the World

We need to tone down the rhetoric. Yes, the Democrats are poised to take over the executive, legislative and, ultimately, the judicial branch. But, with Barack at the helm, the slogan of the ship of state will be a relatively low key, "First, the United States! Then, the world!"