SpeakOut 11-06

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'll work for you

This is regarding the ad wanting an auto mechanic to work on a car. Call 481-9214.

The start of something big

Wow! All you can say about the Sikeston-Poplar Bluff game. Talk about never quitting. Great win Dawgs. Best of luck at Farmington. Sikeston is proud of you. Great job, coaches, players and fans. This feels like the start of something big!

Return documents

I'd like to speak to the person or persons who came into my home in Morehouse and took some legal documents out. I'd appreciate it very much if they would bring them back intact and not all torn up, just like they found them. I don't need to know who they are, all I need is my documents back. Put them on my doorstep or my porch. If they can read, they know how important these documents are to me.

A hairy subject

I've been calling I don't know how many times now. I know you are a Republican Mike, I haven't named no gas stations here in town, Mississippi County or Scott County or New Madrid County. Why is our gas still 25 cents higher than what it is up around Kansas City where they have a clean act rule, which is they have to burn cleaner gas than what we have to down here. Right now they are paying $2.02 a gallon and it's $2.35 a gallon at one station and $2.25 at another. I know you probably won't put this in SpeakOut because that's how you are. You're a Republican!

Tracking the whistles

This is in regard to silencing the train whistles. Train whistles have a purpose, it is to warn people that they are on the tracks. Those people that don't want to hear this - I'm sure those trains were there when they bought that house. That's just something you get used to. If I thought I didn't want to hear a train whistle and someone dies because of that, I don't think I could live with that.

A job not well done

Why is it that when you all go into some places of business the employees are so rude to people? Aren't there some type of rules about employees' treatment of customers? If you are providing a good or service, you have a job because of public need. Shouldn't you be able to work with the public? I wonder how these people keep their jobs treating customers like dirt! With the way the economy is now, there is always someone looking to take your place at your job.

What a hoot

What a hoot. All these Reagan free market Republicans thanking God for saving their butts by nationalizing the banking system.